WashReport – 1996 – 2019

31 12 2019

WASHREPORT.com from 1996 to 2019

MiddleEast.Org 1996-2019 and MERTV 1994 to 2003

WashReport was published from 1996 to 2019 and associated with MiddleEast.Org and MERTV.   We were very much ahead of the Internet revolution which is how we were able to obtain the great domain MiddleEast.Org in the first place.  As of 1 Jan 2020 WashReport.com and MiddleEast.Org are no longer being updated.    The websites are for sale (email mark@bruzonsky.com)

The very important, useful, and unique archives from the past 25 years will remain online for now.    Use the Calendar in the middle column to take you back to any date over the past ten years and the previous search options for earlier years.   When you choose the date you will be taken back to how things appeared on that date and able to read most of the exclusive features and many articles.   In most cases, if the selected stories remain from the sources, you will be able to link to them just as they were on that date.

MERTV was a unique weekly half-hour TV program shown during prime time evening hours on Public Access channels in Washington and the surrounding Virginia and Maryland suburbs from 1994 to 2003.  There are literally hundreds of special programs with unique interviews and feature coverage.  All of these programs are online and available at


Mark Bruzonsky, the founder and publisher of these websites has currently turned to other projects.  He can be reached at Mark@Bruzonsky.com, phone 202 495-1235, and on both Whatsapp and Wechat as well as Skype at MarkBruzonsky and 12024951235.   His website is MarkBruzonsky.com