‘Drive Them Out’

28 05 2017

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Trump repeatedly used this line — penned for him by his super-right-wing Jewish Zionist Islamophophic speech writer who came to him via Sessions and Bannon — in his key speech in Saudi Arabia.  “DRIVE THEM OUT…”

“DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities”

“DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship”

Many Arabs and Muslims who are fighting against the U.S., Israel, and the Arab “client regimes” from Egypt to Saudi Arabia actually say and act this same slogan:   “DRIVE THEM OUT…”

“DRIVE THEM OUT from our countries”

“DRIVE THEM OUT from our lands”

“DRIVE THEM OUT” has become a double-edged modern-day crusade for some, jihad for others, each feeding on the other.

Trump Treason?

27 05 2017

HOTLINE.jpg   What is it called when someone sends his top assistants to secretly meet with a foreign power, one under sanctions and war threats by his country, trying to set up a “secret and covert” channel of communications with the Kremlin?   What is it called when someone sends someone to a remote island in the Indian Ocean to secretly and covertly meet with someone sent by Russia’s Putin?

Trump did the first more than a month and a half before becoming President dispatching son-in-law Kushner and General Flynn to try to arrange the secret channel with the Russians.   Obviously they were trying to keep the secrets from their own government!

Trump did the latter a week and a half before becoming President.  This time dispatching the notorious head of what was Blackwater before all the killings and scandals, Erik Prince.  Obviously they were trying to keep everything super-secret.

But the “leaks” and anonymous sources which have led to the Special Prosecutor now have Trump on the run.  He’s hiring personal lawyers now in addition to his White House Counsel.   And in a sure sign he’s really worried about what has become known so far and what’s likely coming,  Trump has even stopped most of his tweeting!   Charges of “Obstruction of Justice”, “Treason”, and Impeachment offenses all ahead now?

From Russia With Love

26 05 2017


Works Both Ways America!

25 05 2017

For a long time the Americans have used businessmen, journalists, academics, NGOs, propaganda media, and the most advanced technological means as spies especially targeting Russia and China.   Now they and others are doing the same.  And as they get better at it the Americans are getting more and more upset!   Most recently the Chinese have rounded up and executed many CIA-recruited operatives.  And in recent years Putin’s Russia has begun to use media they created and fund to play the international affairs game — put RT and Sputnik at the top of that growing list.  The Iranians as well have stepped up their game and are challenging the Americans with “soft power” as well as an understandably building-up in counter-weapons.   And the North Koreans are understandably themselves racing ahead with what for them is massive deterrence capabilities.

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24 05 2017

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JULY 2016:   WHAT IF instead of the Russians hacking the DNC, and then leaking to help Trump win, it was a disgruntled DNC employee pissed off about how Bernie Sanders was being treated who leaked to Wikileaks…and then was murdered?   Remember the critical time…it all happened in the weeks just before the Democratic Convention.

MAY 2017:   WHAT IF the damning Trump quotes from the critical White House meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador were not leaked by someone in the White House but by the Russians?  WHAT IF the Russians decided that their hopes for weakened Trump being able to “improve” relations are over and thus better to bring on the next guy who is free of Russiagate, plus stir up things further for the Trumpees at the same time?

The first WHAT IF I’d say is quite possible, maybe even likely at this point.  And if so Trump can hold it over the Democrats to warn them off should they really try to impeach him.  Or maybe even both Rich and the Russkies were leaking.

She second WHAT IF I’d say is possible, but at this point sophisticated conjecture.  And if so Trump has to be more irritated than ever not even knowing if his inner staff is leaking against him or the Russians!



23 05 2017

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Sunday morning, on TV from Riyadh, former oil tycoon Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a major mistake, one that could even cost Trump the Presidency!

After flashing on the screen a picture of Trump meeting in the Oval Office with Russian Foreign Minister Lavron FOX News highlighted on the full screen the following:   PRESIDENT TRUMP TO RUSSIANS ON JAMES COMEY –  “I just fired the head of the FBI.  He was crazy, a real nut job.  I faced great pressure because of Russia.  That’s taken off.”    The New York Times Friday.

Tillerson DID NOT make any effort to deny that was what Trump said!  Instead he waffled and obfuscated and tried multiple ways to say that Trump didn’t mean what he clearly said!

Just a day before the Russians tried to protect Trump by instructing Lavrov to publicly say Trump did not say that and that they didn’t even talk about that.   Yet Trump’s own Secretary of State did not avail himself of the most public opportunity yet to simply say (without himself boldly lying) what he could have said if properly briefed:  “I don’t recollect the President saying that and in fact my counterpart Foreign Minister Lavrov has said this was not said.”

A few hours later Tillerson held a press conference…but he either forgot to invite, or purposefully decided not to invite, the traveling American press!

But Tillerson was all smiles dancing with the Saudis!  “This is not my first Sword Dance” he gushed!

TRUMP = Agent of Israel and Saudi

21 05 2017

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It’s not the Russians who turned Trump into an “agent of influence”, though they may have tried, it’s the Israelis and their now sub-agent the Saudis.  Their now fully coordinated determination to control the Arab world using the Americans has swung into super gear with Trump.

Both Israelis and Saudis are now racing to get as much as they can as quickly as they can from their man in the White House.  The Saudis have not only gotten a grand show starring Trump pretending they are the leader and champions of Islam, they have gotten quite literally a flow of hundreds of billions in super arms for the next decade.

The Israelis have already gotten tremendous more arms, money, war games/preparations, and “intelligence” cooperation.  Trump quickly became Israel’s “Goy”, their front-man using key American Jews already working with them for years in various ways to manipulate him — World Jewish Congress President Lauder, son-in-law and long time Bibi confidant Kushner, Islamaphobe ideologist Miller, and a host of Jewish lawyers and businessmen Trump has worked with in New York throughout the years.  They even have him close to making one of their own, the long-time dually loyal Joe Lieberman, to be the first religious Jew Zionist to ever head the FBI.   Oh yes, they’ve been pushing hard for the Embassy move to Jerusalem as well, but even without that they have taken Jerusalem and made it theirs by successfully separating it from the rest of conquered and shriveling Palestine.

There’s much more to this sordid, dangerous, conspiratorial, tragic story.   But enough for this morning with Trump in Saudi and on the way to Israel…his “first” international trip btw!

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