US/Israel and Iran

23 07 2017

Missing here is the Star of David ring that should be on the Middle Finger….and the USA Eagle that should be above “The West”

Image result for caricature trump crusader

Image result for caricature trump crusader

Sessions, Manafort, Trump Jr ALL LIED BIG-TIME

22 07 2017

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Sessions, now Attorney General, lied to Congress and the FBI trying to cover up his secret talks with the Russians.

Manafort lied trying to cover up about his financial indebtedness to the Russians.

Trump Jr also lied trying to cover up his dealings with the Russians to get “dirt” on Hillary.

Kushner as well…but that’s a story yet to be more fully uncovered.

Now each of them must be brought again before the Congress and the Special Counsel UNDER OATH.   And each of them at the least should be subject to perjury charges, Sessions to criminal charges as he lied to get his Security Clearance.

Trump may, probably will if he has to, pardon them all — but even so let’s at least try to preserve what’s left of American democracy.

Assad Winning – Trump/Putin Deal?

21 07 2017

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“This is a momentous decision.   Putin won in Syria.”

So says a current senior official about the latest Trump move.  Just days after his dalliances with Putin at the G20 comes the “leak” that the “secret” CIA arming/funding/training of the “rebels” to bring down the Assad Baath Regime in Syria, is going to end.   Remember now, it was that move by the Obama Administration a few years ago, urged on by Israel and Saudi Arabia at the time to “win” the Syria war, that got the Russians to further involve themselves and prevent that.

Whatever, make no mistake about this, the Neocons, Israelis, Saudis, Pentagon/CIA remain in charge in Washington.   Trump is now the front man but they will twist and manipulate him one way or another getting their way one way or another.


20 07 2017

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“It is clear the Kremlin got the message that Donald Trump welcomed the help of the Russian government in providing dirt on Hillary Clinton” and Trump Jr’s statements about the meeting with the Russians “paint a portrait of consistent dissembling and deceit.”  This time the summary of one of the members of Congress is right on.

“This is everything, this is everything” Trump Jr. insisted on complicit FOX shortly after this latest and maybe biggest Russia scandal broke partially into public view.   But this was before the revelations that there were other Ruskies at the meeting AND a document about Hillary was passed to them.   NOT SMALL MATTERS!

Let’s soon see what he, and Manafort, and Kushner, et. al., “Testify” “Under Oath” before the Congressional and Special Prosecutor inquisitors.

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Ruskies DID give Trumpees DOCUMENTS!

15 07 2017

Drudge 15 July.PNG

You gotta wonder about the smarts of the Trumpees and their many attorneys!   Did they really think that the others in the now infamous June 2016 meeting would not become known?  Did they really think the documents given them would not become known?  Did they really think releasing the emails just hours after the NYTimes told them it was going to do so and was awaiting their comment was going to pass for “transparency”?

Now investigators are going to have to everyone involved, “Under Oath”:

  • Were there any other meetings?
  • What was in the documents and where are they?
  • Why did candidate Donald just a few days later say damning new info about Hillary would soon be forthcoming?
  • Where are the rest of your emails that even mention Russia?

Trump: Crusader-in-Chief

14 07 2017

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Hidden in plain view, Trump is actually Judeo-Christian Crusader-in-Chief.  Take special note of his major speech last week in Poland    Trump and his country are primarily aligned with Israel and major Jewish political, financial, and ideological interests against the Arab and Muslim peoples (distinct from some of their western-sponsored regimes).  This Crusader role extends to the alliance with the super Neocons (themselves top heavy with hard-line Zionists) in their determination to keep any and all challengers — from China to Russia to the EU — contained, encircled, and dominated.

Tricky Deceitful Trumpees

13 07 2017

Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice Jay Sekulow

The latest Trump ‘personal’ attorney brought on because of Russiagate is Jay Sekulow.   A far right-wing guy who has every single hair neatly in place fits the stereotype for crafty disingenuous twisting overly-slick lawyers.    Actually he’s so much of these things that the more he spins the more he discredits himself and his client.   Take for instance his long extended lead-off interview on NBC’s Today Show yesterday  morning (12 July) trying to explain away a meeting that brought the top three Trumpees at the time to meet with a mysterious “Russian government lawyer” expecting to get Russian government-collected dirty tricks about Hillary.

“He was on a phone line into this meeting” Sekulow said of Paul Manafort trying to make people think Trump’s Campaign Manager wasn’t a real part of the meeting.  Not true Jay, Manafort was right there in the room eagerly awaiting the dirt!   Not even a good try Jay as others who were there have flatly contradicted you!   Did you just screw up Jay, or were you doing your usual trying to obfuscate and confuse but stumbling along your way?