Trump the mentally unfit “idiot”

16 02 2019

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“So forget the fact that he’s digging his own grave…  The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

Surely never thought I’d find myself quoting Ann Coulter about anything!   But for the wrong reasons (of course) she’s said something I could say!   That said she forgot to have pity because he’s actually mentally deranged in such a strange and fascinating and dangerous way!   And if we survive him he might even find himself in prison with Manafort, Cohen, et. al.    But even if that were to happen it will take tremendous adjustments and years and years to undo the damage he has done to the well-being and psyche of the country itself…not to mention the contortions he has done to the judicial branch that will remain behind for a generation.



11 02 2019

The first country Trump ran to for a major foreign TV extravaganza in his Presidency was Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s son-in-law, the super Zionist with close personal ties to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi, courted the young Mohammed bin Salman from the beginning and helped orchestrate his elevation to the role of Crown Prince and King-in-practice as well as in-waiting.

Shortly thereafter the Kushner/Trump footprints were all over the publication by the National Inquirer of a slick and very expensive propaganda magazine gushing lavish praise on MBS, encouraging him to further expand his relations with Israel and international Jews, and preparing him to support the Trump/Kushner/Bibi “Peace Plan” which the Palestinians want nothing to do with.

Then came the Khashoggi murder/scandal.   Now comes the Bezos scandal.


  • Did Trump or Kushner in any way help in the arrangements for The National Inquirer company to publish the major propaganda magazine about Saudi Crown Prince MBS?
  • How much and by whom was The National Inquirer paid to publish this magazine and distribute it widely throughout the country?
  • Was a behind-the-scenes payoff and reward orchestrated by the White House for Pecker and The National Inquirer in this way?
  • What political payoffs were involved between the U.S. and the Saudis with regard to arms sales, unending support for MBS, abrogating the Iran agreement, and promised Saudi support for the Trump/Kushner/Bibi “Peace Plan”?

The media should be seriously investigating all of this. And in view of the role Pecker and The National Inquirer played in helping Trump get elected to the Presidency, and the legal agreement they had to make to avoid criminal prosecution faced by others in Trump’s orbit, maybe the Congress should be stepping in and forcing testimony under oath from everyone involved and by subpoena if necessary.

AOC in Action!

8 02 2019


Trump Running Hard for Reelection

6 02 2019

Trump is running hard and fast to not only survive Mueller, but to prepare to catapult himself forward if impeached as did Clinton.   That’s what his “Unity” SOTU speech last night was/is all about.  That’s what the upcoming Kim Summit #2 in Vietnam is all about.  That’s what the “Wall”, and Venezuela, and the struggles with Russia and China and the EU are all about.   Furthermore, like Bibi in Israel, whom Trump has so closely aligned himself with, they both know that electoral victory is now required to keep both of them from going to prison.  So now it’s an existential battle for survival for both of them.  And with the help of the Zionists as well as the Evangelicals Trump expects to triumph.   And also with the help of “Drudge” and the right-wing base — these shots from the Drudge Report this morning:

Screenshot 2019-02-06 07.47.31.png

Screenshot 2019-02-06 07.27.10.png

New push to recognize Golan as Israeli

5 02 2019

In Jerusalem the plaque on the new American Embassy reads Trump, Pence, Friedman.  But the real perpetrators are Netanyahu and long-time super Zionist Trump Son-in-Law Kushner.

Now Bibi via the Israeli/Jewish Lobby is pushing the U.S. Congress for a resolution recognizing the Golan to be part of Israel rather than Syria.

While it might not have any binding legal significance, Bibi is using this at this time as a part of his campaign to stay in office plus using the Lobby to further de facto, if still not de jure, expand Israel to include all of the territories occupied in the 1967 war.  Indeed, the design of that war from the start, which the Americans greatly assisted Israel to win big, was in fact to expand Israeli sovereignty to all of Jerusalem, all the territories west of the Jordan River, as well as Syria’s Golan Heights.


3 02 2019

Americans for Peace Now

“Peace Now” is a scam!  Long ago “liberal” Zionist organizations in Israel figured out how to co-opt pseudo-liberal American Jews, and it’s gotten worse and worse.   Today in the U.S. APN is run by wealthy incestuous American Jews scamming each other, and it is part of the notorious “President’s Conference” controlled by the Israeli government.  APN works with some of the most traitorous, hated and despised Palestinian quislings including those financed by AIPAC!   The Zionists have ordered APN to vehemently work against BDS and to boycott those who so rightly support it.   It’s time for American Jews serious about peace and justice to get out of and shun APN!

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Trump: Psychopath Poster Boy

2 02 2019

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