Trump and Covid Viruses 2020

26 11 2020

THANKSGIVING 2020 – What a tragic year, what a dangerous four years, and yet we Americans still have so much to be thankful for.  

Beyond the things we usually remember on this day, we have managed to get the Trump virus under control.  But it was too close a call.   Even so the Trump virus remains active in our country, we will have to be vigilant that it or a variant mutant does not arise.  But we did avoid it becoming lethal to democracy and our way of life…which afterall is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about.

And we can now expect that in the year soon ahead the Covid Pandemic can be brought under control.   It too will remain active, we will have to be vigilant that it or some new Pandemic virus does not take hold.

It was, still is in fact, the combination of the two viruses in 2020, Trump and Covid, that caused the current Pandemic to become so virulent, so deadly, so economically destructive.   The combo is not over yet, in fact the worst weeks and months seem ahead with both viruses surging at the moment.    But 2121 now promises to be a post-Trump pre-post Pandemic with a much safer and even more thankful Thanksgiving ahead year


23 11 2020

Looks like both the Trump and Covid viruses, as different as they are, may both be brought under control in the year ahead. But neither is going away!

The Trump virus has seriously infected American society. Looks like we’ve escaped it’s total decimation of American democracy; but it will remain a danger and could resurge.

The Covid virus could have been and should have been prevented from being as deadly and destructive as it has been and still is, but it’s intersection with the Trump virus made it much more deadly. Looks like the vaccines and new leadership may save us but even so it too will remain a danger and other new novel viruses will have to be guarded against far more successfully in the years ahead.


11 11 2020

Trump and his promoters/enablers were moving swiftly to fatally infect and substantially dismantle American democracy. They made significant progress. A second term would have been fatal. Even Congressman Jim Clayburn has now made the comparison with Hitler and Germany.

Even so real American democracy has been tremendously subverted pre-Trump, especially during the Bush/Cheney years, by a legalized bribery campaign finance system, by corporate ownership of major ‘mainstream’ media, and by crafty tax and lobbying laws on top of the revolving door between government/military and corporate big-money positions.

Meanwhile the Chinese have now ended democracy in Hong Kong. And in Israel similar forces to the Trumpees in the U.S. have seriously undermined democratic institutions with Bibi a much more capable and long-lasting danger to that country.

“Mass Casualty Event” DC

30 10 2020

Donald Trump Wants Civil War - Frank Schaeffer - Official Blog

The word is out! The Trumpees have ordered preparations for a “Mass Casualty Event” in Washington DC next week. Federal forces, National Guard Troops, and Trump’s street fighter brigades are all being mobilized. Stores, banks, businesses, restaurants are already boarding up — clearly having heard the word — and not just near the White House and downtown area, but miles away in the residential neighborhoods. Trump will lose the popular vote, maybe by more than ever. He will almost certainly lose the Electoral Vote. BUT he is actually planning to declare victory screaming that the news is “fake” , the vote counting is “false”, and what he as President says goes no matter what. Read:

DC is boarding up and preparing for a “mass casualty event”…actually in the plural. Much of America is stocking up, arming, and preparing for the novel civil war Trump has unleashed to erupt into flows of blood in the streets leading to a Presidential proclamation of “insurrection”; all on top of the novel coronavirus Trump has already twisted into a greater “mass casualty event” than ever before in American history. As I’ve said before, even discounting for all the differences, 2020 is America’s 1938. Back then Hitler, the Nazis, the SS, all won; and we know what that then led to.

America Unraveling

26 10 2020

The institutions of the U.S. are loosing their legitimacy before our eyes. The Presidency, the Senate, the Justice Dept, “Homeland Security”, the CDC, and the Supreme Court. America as a country and all Americans as citizens will pay a heavy price for the unraveling of the institutions which have maintained the basic cohesion and even minimal legitimacy of the governing bodies that define the no longer “United” States of America.

The symbolism today of the most blatantly partisan Supreme Court confirmation ever, done with extraordinary and unprecedented disdain and timing, is indeed a tragic historic moment that is leading the country even further toward disintegration and dangerous fracturing.

Trump’s bombing ‘October Surprises’…so far

20 10 2020

October is not over yet; and Trump is not finished with us! He’s still capable of horrendous lies, unraveling more institutions, and potentially historic destructive actions. But so far, as longtime WaPo man Dana Milbank puts it today:

“Giuliani must have hoped for an October Surprise. But the real surprise is this: After Trump ransacked the CIA, the Justice Department and the State Department for any morsel of dirt on his opponent, the election is upon us — and this is all he’s got?”

That’s not harsh enough. Remember Trump also put his henchman in as head of National Intelligence, not to mention how he runs the Justice Dept, Homeland Security, CDC, as if they were all there to do his political bidding.

Hold on tight! The vanquishing of Trump may be at hand. And if so letting his ‘leave the country’ is not what the country deserves…Trump unpowered is deserving of much more!


3 10 2020
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The World Mental …

Dr. Bandy X. Lee


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China and Russia must respond to Trump

20 09 2020
Blockchain as a Geopolitical Tool - CoinDesk

The domestic repression and escalating militarism in both China and Russia are truly lamentable, even if understandable. Understandable because the reality is that both countries are threatened by the U.S., not just militarily but economically and socially. Both countries have ample reasons to beware that the U.S. wants to keep controlling the world unilaterally not multilaterally. Both countries know that the U.S. strenuously works through the CIA/NSA as well as covert and military threat to bring down governments that stand up to American dictate, which means them.

This said both China and Russia must now respond to the U.S. and demonstrate that the era of American dictatorial supremacy in world affairs is ending.

China has to respond to the banning of Huawei, now Tiktok and WeChat, economic sanctions, on top of U.S. arming and instigation of Taiwan. Whether they ban Apple, disinvest in U.S. treasuries and purchasing massive U.S. agricultural produce, or find other ways to respond, they must “strike back”.

Russia has to respond to so many things including the far greater extensive U.S. interference in Russian affairs, including Nord Stream 2, than the other way around. Whether this means sending more forces to Syria, countering the US/NATO built-up on their western border, enhancing their strategic relationship with China as well as Iran and Turkey, or finding other ways to respond, they too must do so.

It is the U.S. that has to be contained and restrained more than any one else. The coalition of Hawk Neocons/Evangelicals/Revisionist Zionists is by far the more dangerous, especially with a mentally imbalanced Trump as their frontman. But the NeoLibs/military-industrial-corporate titans/Mainstream Zionists now with Biden as their champion also must be dealt with, though hopefully they at least can be reasoned with.

Overall, what we all should alternatively be doing is desperately finding ways to work together globally, rather than super nationalistically preparing to weaken, undermine, and war with each other. The real threats to us all are climate destruction, pandemic health threats of which more are inevitable, weapons of mass destruction, lack of global advancement and food production. Our very system of “national sovereignty”, and the failures of the United Nations system because of this outdated and increasingly dangerous notion, is what urgently needs to be updated before it is too late.

Ginsburg and America

19 09 2020
ruth bader ginsburg gallery

How ironic as well as tragic! RBG died last night as Rosh Hashana began and as voting for the next American President also began. Her dying wish was that her replacement process would begin after the election in the fast approaching new year. Trump, Mitchel, the Evangelicals, and the so-called “Federalists”, will all desperately try to make sure her wish is not fulfilled. The Democrats, principled Americans, and all who respected and cherished this amazing woman must make sure no matter what that it is!

Took Vanity Fair two weeks

13 09 2020

Walkout Against George Bush Protest : News Photo

Gee, it took Vanity Fair 2-weeks to read my tweet on 28 Aug Vanity Fair:

It’s Official! U.S. is now Nazi Germany 1938

28 08 2020

Trump WH Convention.jpg Late last night watching the super fireworks concluding the Trump never-before White House MAGA convention rally, this headline came to mind.   Terribly dangerous hyper-nationalism, frothing with extreme racism, merged with the worse excesses of Evangelical Christianity and extreme Jewish Zionism, unending blatant lies, hyperbolic crazed deceit, super screaming fear-mongering, rampantly escalating militarism.   So far it’s only 1938.  Still unknown is whether America will follow Nazi Germany igniting world calamnity and it’s old destruction.

DISLOYAL! Michael Cohen’s revenge

17 08 2020

DISLOYAL!    Michael Cohen’s sordid huckster life was as Trump henchman/fixer. Now comes a pre-death money-making mid-prison confess-all tell-all, hoping to help bury Trump and keep Cohen alive.   It’s a super pre-election rush job.  Last week there was no publisher and Cohen was trying to market the book, a little extra for signing, at his rushed website.  Now a few days later Skyhorse is listed as the publisher but everything is so rushed Skyhorse hasn’t even had time to put the book on their website!


5 08 2020

“It was an attack. It was a bomb…!” Agreeing with Trump about anything is nauseating. But he appeared after long delay in the White House Press room last evening and gave this what seemed a carefully scripted assessment about Beirut emphasizing the words “attack” and “bomb”!

My own sources tell me it was an Israeli attack on a nearby Hezbollah arms warehouse that then ignited another warehouse with the huge stock of ammonium nitrate”   Then, as the Mossad knows how to do so well through decades of practice and coverup, a massive disinformation campaign went into high-speed to deflect attention from them as well as capitalize on what they did.

Many examples in history.  Just one right now that has multiple references today.   In 1991 they killed their greatest ever Mossad superspy, Robert Maxwell, and a few days later gave him a State Funeral in Jerusalem.   He was killed aboard the Lady Ghislaine by a Mossad hit-team, that’s right Maxell’s own ship named after his daughter, who then was the only one to tell the press, representing the family at the time, that it was not an accident and not suicide but that he “had been murdered”.

Now Ghislaine is back in the news, in prison awaiting trial, after her own past decades of probably handling Epstein on behalf of the Mossad, and herself the keeper of damning secrets that could bring down so many including both former and current American Presidents and Israeli Prime Ministers.


24 07 2020

Yesterday Trump insisted his federal “Homeland Security” unidentified troops had been “invited” to Portland even as the Mayor was in the streets protesting and getting tear-gassed.   Then he dropped that some 60,000 such troops were being prepared to be sent throughout the country and that “At some point, we’re going to have to do something much stronger than being invited in.” The day before he specifically noted his new quasi-military forces were being readied to go to cities governed by “liberal democrats”.

The American Fuhrer is preparing the way to use such troops, rather than Pentagon troops who have already resisted him, to retain the Presidency one way or another.


27 06 2020

Princeton is renaming its Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

REVOLUTION AT PRINCETON and in country! Princeton is RENAMING the WOODROW WILSON SCHOOL where I got my MA!! Next they will have to rename the WOODROW WILSON CENTER here in DC where I published book and was Middle East consultant for some years. WOW! I wonder what will next be done with the slave-holder name of, you guessed it, George Washington not to mention Thomas Jefferson!

Zuck at Facebook now quasi agent of U.S. and Israel

6 06 2020

Good or bad, Shimon Peres made Israel what it is - Opinion ... Mark Zuckerberg with Shimon Pares at FB HQ

Mark Zuckerberg who controls Facebook is doing the bidding of two governments – the U.S. and Israel – in the ways he has ordered various kinds of stealth censorship and minimization.   He has done that against Palestinian supporting persons and groups for some time after sending his top people for many visits to Israel and even welcoming with much fanfare the former now deceased President and Prime Minister of Israel to the Facebook campus.   In recent days he has taken another major step in labeling some major international news sources that are out-front honestly funded by foreign governments to be propaganda branded and minimized, if not outright removed, while allowing others funded by the U.S. and Israeli governments, however cleverly and in some cases surreptitiously, to continue to spread their propaganda far and wide as “real news”.

It’s time for all of us to reconsider our reliance on Facebook and look elsewhere.   I have in face done so all year, using Facebook less and less.   This is in fact my first commentary on Facebook this year as here is where it is most needed.

MIDDLEEAST.Org – 1994-2019

31 12 2019

MiddleEast.Org 1996-2019 and MERTV 1994 to 2003

We were very much ahead of the Internet revolution which is how we were able to obtain the great domain MiddleEast.Org in the first place.  As of 1 Jan 2020 MiddleEast.Org is no longer being updated.   And the domain itself is for sale (email to mer@MiddleEast.Org if interrested)

For now the very important and useful, indeed unique, archives from 25 years will remain.   To easily access any date use the Calendar in the middle column to take you back to any date over the past ten years.   When you choose a date you will be taken back to MiddleEast.Org as it appeared on that day.  In most cases you will be able to read the exclusive features and many articles just as they were on that date.  The same is true for the country selections — they too will be available just as they were on that date.

MERTV was a unique weekly half-hour TV program shown during prime time evening hours on Public Access channels in Washington and the surrounding Virginia and Maryland suburbs from 1994 to 2003.  There are literally hundreds of special programs with unique interviews and feature coverage.  All of these programs are online and available at

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WashReport – 1996 – 2019

31 12 2019 from 1996 to 2019

MiddleEast.Org 1996-2019 and MERTV 1994 to 2003

WashReport was published from 1996 to 2019 and associated with MiddleEast.Org and MERTV.   We were very much ahead of the Internet revolution which is how we were able to obtain the great domain MiddleEast.Org in the first place.  As of 1 Jan 2020 and MiddleEast.Org are no longer being updated.    The websites are for sale (email

The very important, useful, and unique archives from the past 25 years will remain online for now.    Use the Calendar in the middle column to take you back to any date over the past ten years and the previous search options for earlier years.   When you choose the date you will be taken back to how things appeared on that date and able to read most of the exclusive features and many articles.   In most cases, if the selected stories remain from the sources, you will be able to link to them just as they were on that date.

MERTV was a unique weekly half-hour TV program shown during prime time evening hours on Public Access channels in Washington and the surrounding Virginia and Maryland suburbs from 1994 to 2003.  There are literally hundreds of special programs with unique interviews and feature coverage.  All of these programs are online and available at  

Mark Bruzonsky, the founder and publisher of these websites has currently turned to other projects.  He can be reached at, phone 202 495-1235, and on both Whatsapp and Wechat as well as Skype at MarkBruzonsky and 12024951235.   His website is



We Are The World 2019!

30 12 2019

See the source image

Khashoggi, MBS, and Trump

29 12 2019

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Saudi MBS Aramco IPO Failure

29 12 2019

See the source image

MBS is claiming success, a la Trump’s rantings, but he has failed big time with the ARAMACO IPO despite all the highly paid p.r. agents and money manipulations.   His IPO is not even on any international exchange, only the Saudi one he controls, and nearly 80% of the shares have been bought by Saudi or Saudi conduits highly pressured to do so by MBS.   The IPO is nearly 3 years late, only a third of what was originally announced, and despite repeated efforts priced still lower than MBS’s most recent valuation demands.


21 12 2019
The totally unbelieveable real life TV show – Trump in Washington! – is now completing year #3!    And among the many unbelievable realities is that the husband of Trump’s former campaign manager and now top adviser, Kellyanne, is the President’s most vocal and outspoken detractor now demanding his impeachment and subsequent imprisonment.   In recent days husband George has coined a remarkably derogatory term worthy of Trump himself – IMPOTUS TRUMP!

  George Conway

IMPOTUS (IMpeached President Of The United States)

is accusing

of political malpractice. I don’t think so. #IMPOTUS

The key Trump battle comes soon…and it’s not impeachment

16 12 2019

See the source image

Impeachment is a done deal.   The Senate ‘trial’ to follow is a Constitutional mandate.   BUT the real battle comes in the days immediately ahead now before the ‘trial’.   That determining battle will be over ‘the rules’ of the trial, rules that are determined by a simple majority of the Senators.

Just four principled and courageous Republican Senators could determine the outcome of this pre-trial battle; and if they stand firm there could actually be a conviction and removal of Trump.

What do they have to stand firm about?   First that there will be actual witnesses forced to testify, forced to be properly questioned under oath and threat of perjury, including Pompeo, Bolton, and Mulvaney at the top of the list.

If just four Republicans hold the line and insist there be witnesses including these and others, an equal number for the prosecution and the defense, that would derail the Trump/McConnell plot to squelch a successful impeachment by preventing any real ‘trial’ even before it starts.

Despite Trump’s gross deceptions on this, as just about everything else, he will fight tooth and nail to prevent his top co-conspirators from being sworn and grilled before the nation in what would be the greatest TV show ever — but one he does not control!   He keeps publicly insisting that is what he wants, but in reality that is what he now fears the most and he will do any and everything to make sure no such group of four honorable Republican Senators can come together to stand up and be counted in this way.

Clever RT…too much so

15 12 2019

See the source image

RT has become a major international news source.  Despite many efforts to limit and restrict it by the U.S. and some European states, the quality and diversity of RT news and programing has overwhelmed the efforts to contain and marginalize it.

But even so sometimes the RT handlers in Moscow, whoever they might be, give directions that goo too far.   Take today’s half hour WEEKLY NEWS summary which RT features every Sunday.   Not a single mention of the Trump impeachment proceedings!   It seems the word has come down from on high in one way or another that this major historic story/event is not one RT wants to feature even for it’s RT America followers.

Smiles in Moscow and Beijing

14 12 2019

As the Americans continue to fracture their polity, discredit their institutions, pursue their imperialist policies with less and less coherency and resolve, and undermine their status not only worldwide but among themselves, the smiles are in Beijing and Moscow.

Despite their own significant problems the other two  lesser superpowers are not only gaining on the Americans, they are cooperating more than ever to end the U.S. domination of world affairs as well as threatening the supremacy of the dollar.   A multi-polar world is emerging despite increasingly failing and expensive U.S. to maintain control.

Whether the end result will be a non-American-centric New World Order or an international conflagration of gigantic cataclysmic proportions, along with climate breakdown which the Americans alone continue to deny, are the central challenges to humanity as 2020 approaches.

Love Us or HATE Us Update

10 12 2019

The update is at the end.   I published this a few days ago.  The actual words of the Saudi shooter have been largely obscured so most Americans have no idea, especially the mention of Israel.

See the source image

According to the Saudi King “the Saudi people love the American people”.    This is the King who has been terribly repressing, torturing, killing, and beheading his own people with escalating fervor, on top of obliterating Yemen and Syria and beyond, as well as preparing with the U.S. and Israel to do the same to Iran, Lebanon and beyond.    Furthermore, what his regime did to Jamal Khashoggi was not an exception it was just a case where he was caught doing it in a bugged foreign Saudi consulate and to a super prominent exile then writing for The Washington Post.

This statement from the Saudi military shooter yesterday who was in the U.S. being military flight trained to pursue the joint Saudi/U.S/Israel policies is probably more accurate about how many of the Saudi people really feel but can never reveal unless they are ready for their own form of martyrdom:

O American  people, I’m not against you for just being American, I don’t hate you because your freedoms, I have you because every day you supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims, but also humanity.  I’m against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil.   What I see from America is the supporting of Israel which is invasion of Muslim countrie, I see invasion of many countries by it’s troops, I see Guantanamo Bay, I see cruise missiles, cluster bombs and UAV.”

It seems that many things the Saudi attacker may have said in social media have been removed, obscured, blocked or censured by the “main stream media” along with the big social media platforms.   But just yesterday I came across this additional to what the Saudi military officer posted online just a few hours before he began shooting.   All the spelling and grammatical mistakes are his btw.

Your decision-makers, the politicians, the lobbyists and the major corporations are the ones gaining from your foreign policy, and you are the ones paying the price for it.

What benefit is it to the American people to suffer for the same of supporting Israel?

Do you expect to transgress against others and yet be spared retribution?

How many more body-bags are American families willing to receive?

For how long can the US survive this war of attrition?

the US treasury spend billions of dollars, in order to give Americans a false sense of security.

The security is shared destiny

You will not be safe until we live it as reality in pleastain, and American troops get out of our lands.

Super Dangerous, Super Nuke, Super Hypocritical, USA

9 12 2019

While economically torturing Iran and stoking major regional war on behalf of the state that does have a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, Israel of course…and while continuing to threaten North Korea with total destruction…the U.S,. is spending a fortune ‘upgrading’ its own much vaster arsenal of nuclear weapons, including $20 billion funding a new super generation of nuke submarines each armed with enough nuclear missiles to destroy much of the world on its own.

What amazing hypocrisy and horrendous nuclear bullying by the U.S., a country which itself has such a deteriorating standard of living on top of a deteriorating democracy and constitutional order.

Just imagine what a great country the U.S. could be if the trillions spent on arms and war were devoted to the real needs of the American people and the historic battle it should be fighting to protect the climate and environment.

U.S. military bases, many with nuclear weapons, surround Iran everywhere

See the source image


Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell…and the missing

8 12 2019

 The evil trio are seen smiling in an astonishing image taken at Windsor Castle

Among the most notable missing are Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, and quite a host of other super biggies whom Epstein could have brought down at trial if he hadn’t been killed in prison.   Ghislaine Maxwell knows most of the secrets, including where the treasure trove of blackmail videos may be or who destroyed them.   But she is probably at this point still Mossad-protected and she may well have her own ‘insurance policies’ that possible perpetrators know will click in if she is killed…thus keeping her alive and out of prison for now.

But this whole saga probably involving Israel and maybe Russia with international sex blackmail at the highest levels persons is not over.   Especially with the Trump Impeachment Trial looming (as well as the Epstein trial) just wait for the deluge of salacious leaks, both true and not true, likely ahead!

See the source image  See the source image


Love Us or Hate Us?

7 12 2019

See the source image

According to the Saudi King “the Saudi people love the American people”.    This is the King who has been terribly repressing, torturing, killing, and beheading his own people with escalating fervor, on top of obliterating Yemen and Syria and beyond, as well as preparing with the U.S. and Israel to do the same to Iran, Lebanon and beyond.    Furthermore, what his regime did to Jamal Khashoggi was not an exception it was just a case where he was caught doing it in a bugged foreign Saudi consulate and to a super prominent exile then writing for The Washington Post.

This statement from the Saudi military shooter yesterday who was in the U.S. being military flight trained to pursue the joint Saudi/U.S/Israel policies is probably more accurate about how many of the Saudi people really feel but can never reveal until they are ready for their own form of martyrdom:

O American  people, I’m not against you for just being American, I don’t hate you because your freedoms, I have you because every day you supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims, but also humanity.  I’m against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil.   What I see from America is the supporting of Israel which is invasion of Muslim countrie, I see invasion of many countries by it’s troops, I see Guantanamo Bay, I see cruise missiles, cluster bombs and UAV.”

All Jewish

4 12 2019

See the source image

I’m not completely sure about this, others may know more and for sure one way or another.   Nor do I know what kind of Jews they are, for there are great differences not only with regard to religious practices, if any, as well as political views and attitudes with regard to Israel.

But nevertheless it is striking I think that all four of the Constitutional Law Professors who are testifying today before the House Judicary Committee with regard to the impeachment of Donald Trump are Jewish I think.   And I also think, emphasize agaikn on think as I’m not sure, that three of the four legal counsels who questioned for the Intelligence Committee and now the Judiciary Committee also are Jewish.

As I proudly am as well by the way.

Epstein and Mossad

3 12 2019

Both Epstein and Maxwell were Mossad involved.  Mossad helped them become rich and make contacts in order to use them to obtain highly compromising info on top politicians, financiers, media tycoons in order to to twist and blackmail.

Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales Ghislaine’s father, Robert, a British mega-billionaire media emperor, also died in mysterious circumstances claimed to be “suicide” at sea but hardly likely.  Much more likely, like Epstein Maxwell  too was terminated when he had long provided his handlers what they sought when he too had become too big a burden with too much damning info they needed to bury.

The new book by Dylan Howard out today claims to expose much but hardly all that Epstein took to his grave.  The authors even claim to have exclusively interviewed one of Epstein’s Mossad handlers who detailed how Epstein’s major blackmail enterprise was Mossad-designed to entrap many of the world’s most powerful.  It may be that the Russians were also involved with Epstein for the same purpose.

If the stories in the new book are true, this would explain why Ghislane Maxell has not been arrested as she may still be Mossad protected and/or she may have “insurance” that would surface if she is imprisoned or killed.

Major unanswered questions:

  • What has happened to Epstein’s vast archive of sex tapes and unique blackmail info of so many of the most powerful?
  • Who in the USG is responsible for the decision not to arrest Ghislaine Maxell?
  • What sex crimes did two American Presidents commit facilitated by Epstein?
  • How much of what Epstein took to his death about Clinton and Trump does Ghislaine know?
  • And of course who actually killed Epstein and more importantly who arranged and facilitated his killing?


World on Fire!

27 11 2019

Image result for caricature world on fire

I’m not even referring to the unprecedented major fires that have swept across the globe from Siberia to Australia to California.   I am referring to:

  • Chile
  • Hong Kong
  • Bolivia
  • Algeria
  • Palestine
  • Venezuela
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Paris
  • UK/Brexit
  • Lebanon
  • Cairo
  • Kurdistan
  • Kashmir
  • Extinction Rebellion worldwide

Worldwide the international system is breaking down as never before.   Internally so many countries are breaking apart in so many ways.  Add to this the worldwide debt and financial crises including rampant deficit borrowing in the U.S. on top of the FED printing money epidemic which together have created a huge American economic bubble.

The widespread albeit different-per-country financial and political corruption, the gross misuse of resources, accelerating climate destruction, despicable corporate greed, unending banking excesses, escalating dictatorial repression, massive weapons of mass destruction escalation, huge military expenditures at the expense of basic social welfare…

So many lurking catastrophes are the result.   We may be past the point of return and thus in a fight for survival not just with regard to climate.

Without crisis/war Bibi is finished and heading to prison

25 11 2019

See the source image

Major War with International Crisis now appear to be Netanyahu’s only way of not just staying in power but staying out of prison.    The Middle East is set to explode into the greatest regional war in history.   Any real or false-flag spark (the second most likely) can now become the Israel/US excuse to set it off.   The Americans have been rushing many more thousands of troops, attack as well as anti-missile missiles, warplanes, and warships to the Gulf.   The Israelis have greatly escalated their air as well as covert attacks in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.   The main target is to bring down the government in Iran, and/or destroy much of Iranian power, as well as to recast and regain control over the governments in Damascus and Beirut   With Trump being manipulated and boxed in to let the war unfold, believing that his best option for staying in power and avoiding prison is also war/crisis, the historic cataclysm is closer than ever.   And with tensions now so high with both Russia and China, on top of approaching economic bubble collapse, major Middle East war could all too easily spin further out of control and engulf the world.

U.S./Israel/Saudis TARGET IRAN

23 11 2019

See the source image

In the past half year the Trumpees have dispatched nearly 15,000 additional U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and Israel, positioned an aircraft carrier and an air-armada, rushed billions of dollars in the latest missiles and high-tech weapons, and fomented anti-Iran demonstrations in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria in addition to the streets of Iran’s major cities.   Add to this the greatly enhanced cyber and clandestine plots being orchestrated by NSA, CIA, Mossad, on top of military dark ops.

Now with both Bibi and Trump more personally desperate than ever and with the region more pregnant with cataclysmic regional war fever than ever, any major spark, whether real or false-flag, threatens to ignite the conflagration many of the hardest-line neocons and super Zionists have been preparing for some time.   Their goal now is nothing less than bringing down the governments in Tehran, Beirut, and Damascus in an extremely risky ploy to recast the entire region more firmly under U.S./Israeli/Saudi control, once again to vanquish the Russians, and overall to retain control of the region’s resources, petrodollars, and considerable geopolitical importance.

Giuliani! ‘America’s Mayor to Prison’?

21 11 2019

See the source image

Sondland has probably saved himself from the charge of lying to Congress for which other Trumpees are already in prison.   But in the process in addition to Trump he has fingered Giuliani, as well as Pompeo and Mulvaney and other top officials who he repeatedly declared were “all in the loop”.

They should all now be subpoenaed.  Those in major government positions will refuse, even though others also with high government positions in the State Department, the White House, and the NSC have already complied.   That could mean delayed court proceedings to which Bolton has already made himself vulnerable but succeeded with delay.

But Giuliani, formerly known as ‘America’s Mayor’ even though he actually played a major role in the 9/11 coverup,  is another story.  He will claim privilege to not testify as Trump’s attorney.   But actually the role he played was highly political, not legal, and the Congress should call him on it if he refuses subpoena by bringing charges against him and finding a way to do so without Trump’s Justice Department which will try to block everything.

The evidence against Trump is already overwhelming.  In the Senate trial all of these persons and more should be forced to testify.   But just as with the Barr-led Justice Department the Mitchell-led Senate will attempt to minimize everything against Trump.  Even so, just three Republican Senators can upend that if they refuse to agree to Senate rules that would accomplish that goal and insist instead on a serious and comprehensive Impeachment proceeding.

After 45 Presidents and hundreds of years America and it’s three very different but supposedly equally independent branches of inter-locking government have never been in this situation before.

One way out, somewhat partly a la Nixon, would be for Trump to arrange a way to depart with agreement from both federal and state prosecutors that he, his family, and his close associates, will not be prosecuted for any of their many transgressions.   In today’s complicated multi-dimensional multi-personality situation that too would be sui generis, totally unprecedented.

OMG stay tuned!

“President Zelensky Loves Your Ass!”

20 11 2019

Image result for picture sondland and trump

That’s what others have now testified Trump mega-donor turned personal Trump Ambassador said to Trump in a phone call Gordon Sondland previously refused to tell the Congress about in over 7 hours of testimony.

Also previously Trump claimed he “hardly knew” Sondland, even though he had had many meetings and phone calls with Sondland, even though he had given Sondland his secret private number to call him anytime, even though he had in effect deputized Sondland to take over dealing with Ukraine after he had abruptly fired the long-time professional foreign service officer, Marie Yovanovitch, who was Ambassador in Ukraine chosen by Pompeo himself.

Today Sondland testifies in public.   He’s already committed lies and perjury.   He has most definitely not upheld his oath to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”   The signs are already strong that Sondland should be the seventh Trumpee sent to prison, a number of them specifically for lying to Congress.

Trump: ‘Neurological Issue’

19 11 2019

See the source image

Trump’s ‘unusual’ visit to the main military hospital in Washington a few days ago, with his personal physician sitting next to him in the unscheduled limo ride, was anything but ‘routine’.

“He is having trouble word-finding when he said united shush instead of the United States. These are words, he can’t find them. This is happening over and over again. Comedians joke about it. It’s not a joking matter. I think there’s a neurological issue that’s not being addressed. If he had an MRI of his head over there, I would be very pleased. I think he needs it.”

This statement from a former top White House physician.   We’ve all been warned from the start of the Trump presidency by dozens of top psychiatrists and mental health professionals about how dangerous this President is exhibiting signs over and over again of severe ‘Malignant Narcissism’ whatever his specific physical and mental ailments might be.


Sondland to Prison next

17 11 2019

Image result for picture sondland and trump

Roger Stone is the sixth Trumpee headed to prison — though he and others are likely to be pardoned by Trump if not before the 2020 election than during the transition period should Trump be defeated.

Despite impending Presidential pardon, Sondland should be next, though the Trump/Barr Justice Department will resist.   Sondland lied in his sworn testimony both in what he said and what he omitted — i.e, he did not tell the truth about some critical matters nor the whole truth about others…most especially his numerous calls with Trump at least one of which we now learn was overhead by others.

Sondland got the cushy European Ambassadorship with no diplomatic experience but lots of money funneled to Trump and his conduits.  He was put in place to do Trump’s dirty work and only caught because of the CIA whistleblower followed by a string of foreign service officers who have now testified before Congress.   His perjury cannot be excused, changed, or forgiven.  The Congress must now make an example of him so that future persons testifying before Congress will remember.

Catastrophic War of Annihilation Looms in Middle East

11 11 2019

See the source image

As the potentially catastrophic regional Middle East war looms ever closer, preparations for which have been underway for some time, it’s important to remember the “Annihilation” threats the Israelis and Americans have made, prepared for, and are quite capable of implementing.   Indeed these threats have been made over and over for many years now, and not just verbally but with numerous military actions, both overt and covert, coupled with incessant war game plans and new historic high-tech weapons deployments.

It is Iran and others who are in desperate need of defense and deterrence, not the other way around despite all the false propaganda.   The Americans have Iran surrounded and along with the Israelis it is they who have a vast arsenal of strategic as well as tactical nukes on top of major ‘conventional’ weapons systems of mass destruction.   Iran and allies are the primary targets.  Russia is now more than ever the wild card in a situation so pregnant with disaster scenarios that the region and even the world could be in a historic unprecedentedly destructive fast-escalating war literally within minutes.

“I hear our neighbors from the north, south and east threatening to destroy us.  I say to our enemies: The IDF has a very large power of annihilation. Do not try us.”

Bibi Netanyahu, longest serving Prime Minister of Israel

BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!

7 11 2019

FLASHBACK 10/21/2013BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!

BEWARE J Street, Peace Now, and the Two-State Solution!

 Image result for J Street logo   

A major push is now underway by the Israelis to use the Obama Administration to bring about a false and fatally flawed “Palestinian State”, one in the critical interests of Jews in Israel and the U.S. in fact, but one likely to be lethal, a poison pill, for the Palestinian people.   What started long ago as a possible “two-state solution” has become a historical con job, the “two-state deception”.   It is in fact an intricate and oh-so-crafty Zionist plot to coerce a group of quisling Palestinians already in the pay of, and under the control and protection of, the Israelis and Americans to give up forever key Palestinian rights, not to mention lands, enshrined in numerous U.N. resolutions and international law.   If the full plot is successful Israel will further get the Arab League, now dominated by the Saudis who are already in a de facto alliance with the Jewish State to control the region, to “recognize” Israel and “end the conflict”.  

The issues, organizations, and political intrigue involved are so convoluted and intertwined — as well as of such deadly and historical important — that I will be intensely focusing on them in the weeks and months ahead.   Today and in the days ahead some flashbacks to what I’ve written about these matters in the past.

See MiddleEast.Org and daily

AMERICAN JEWS BEWARE of “Peace Now” and “J Street”

9 06 2012American Jews Beware!  DO NOT SUPPORT either of these masquerading and Israeli-controlled organizations.  Both are extra busy heavily fund-raising and propagandizing at this time with slick but oh so disingenuous appeals.

Bottom line:  The main mission of these organizations is to co-opt “liberal” American Jews and channel their monies and effort away from serious opposition to Israeli policies and actually to enhance Israeli policies!   Hard as it may be for many to understand without far more elaboration, both “Peace Now” and “J Street” these days are working for similar policies to those promoted by former Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert!  It’s easy of course for them to position themselves as opposed to Netanyahu and the far-right wing.

Bottom line:  Do not support or trust these organizations and those associated with them.  They are false flags, duplicitous, and in the end they are controlled and manipulated by main-stream Zionist persons and groups in Israel, even if they try hard to look the other way and pretend otherwise.




24 04 2013:    Here’s a quick summary after many years knowing about Peace Now and many hours of recent discussions with the Chairman of Americans For Peace Now (APN), Jim Klutznick.  Obviously if you read on I refused seduction!

Bottom line…if you are supporting Peace Now STOP NOW!   Stop Giving Money!  Stop being seduced by their slick p.r.!  Stop believing them!  Move Away and Move On!

Peace Now is a front-organization for centrist and liberal Zionist groups in Israel.  In turn Americans For Peace Now is their U.S. arm designed to manipulate American Jews into supporting Israel and more critically to prevent American Jews from standing up to Israel and be true to their own principles and values.

APN is in fact run by Israelis using wealthy, hypocritical, and extremely self-serving American Jews to front for them.   Jim Klutznick’s handler is a long-time Zionist academic operative, Mark Rosenblum, who himself is controlled through his affiliation with the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations.   Klutznick does nothing that Rosenblum doesn’t approve and Rosenblum does nothing the Presidents Conference (which means the Israelis) doesn’t OK.

Furthermore, APN has been tasked to work with a well-funded group of on-the-take U.S. Palestinians who themselves are in bed with the State Department and CIA. Known as The American Task Force for Palestine this group is despised by self-respecting Palestinians who know it is a despicably quisling and corrupt cabal who should be shunned.  ATFP fronts for the “Palestinian Authority” which is empowered by the Israelis while being armed and financed by the Americans, Europeans, and Arab “client regimes”.   The PA leaders in fact cannot travel and communicate without the consent of the Israelis, despite ongoing attempts to appear otherwise.   APN has teamed up with ATFP in an attempt to give it legitimacy it would not otherwise have.

Furthermore still, in recent years APN has teamed up with J-Street — they are interlocked but with separate identities so they can do double fund-raising and multiple layers of propaganda work.  Their primary goal since 2009 has been to be cheerleaders for Obama and the Democratic Party and to push for a false “Palestinian State” that would serve critical Zionist interests while permanently dividing, crippling and disenfranchising the Palestinians.   While Klutznick is now the overall APN Chairman the Executive Director is a former Chairwoman of the Democratic Party and the Chief Spokesman an Israeli operative.

See MiddleEast.Org and daily


Bernie + Elizabeth + ALL HANDS ON DECK!

7 11 2019

See the source image

It’s time for a real grassroots populist social and political revolution in the U.S.A.  Not only must the Trumpees be taken down.   The bankers, the lobbyists, the corporate money elite, the foreign regime influence peddlers, the main-stream media titans, the gargantuan military-industrial complex, they all need to be dethroned after so many years of entrenching themselves into near-total control Washington and the country.

The know-how and enthusiasm to do this is with Bernie, not with the Dem party establishment and not with their “centrist” interconnected-with-mega-money addiction.  Then with Bernie and Elizabeth at the head of the reborn Democratic Party in 2020, everyone else, most especially the centrists who have until now controlled the party, must all join in the greatest ever political war.

2020 is not only the battle of our lifetimes.   It is the battle for the heart and soul of the U.S. and for the very survival of our endangered but still unique Constitution.   It is not an exaggeration to underscore that this is a battle for the very fate of our world.

The tax system has to be tremendously changed.   The health care system has to be made truly universal.   The military-industrial complex along with the CIA have to finally be brought under control.  The infrastructure of the country has to be rebuilt.  New anti-trust and anti-media-conglomeration regulations must be instituted and enforced.  Ending U.S. support for dictatorial and racist regimes is imperative.  The very attitudes of the American people have to be made much more thoughtful, long-term, and worldly.   The common enemies of humanity — at the top of that list climate breakdown plus ending weapons of mass destruction along with unending proxy and imperialistic wars — all have to be taken on urgently and forcefully.

ALL HANDS ON DECK means that this coming year 2020 has to be very different than previous campaign years.   Biden, Obama, Hillary and Bill, Buttigieg, Yang, and all the others all have to swallow hard and become full-time campaigners just as if they were themselves the nominee.  Add other important personalities to this list as well — including billionaires Steyer and Bloomberg.  And of course this also means AOC and Ilhan and many of the newcomers to politics who are already onboard with their enthusiastic endorsements of Bernie.   Not only do all need to accept the new Party leadership they need to seriously embrace the core principles of Bernie and Elizabeth, their grassroots populist base, and campaign as directed full-time enthusiastically and unrelentingly.

The Dems have one huge major advantage the Trumpees can’t match.  They have a whole team of major leaguers all of whom need to become none-stop campaigners and be endlessly available surrogates in a way the Dem Party has never before achieved.   If they do so, if they bring all hands on deck, they will not only defeat Trump but they will achieve majorities in both the Senate and the House making it then possible to implement the urgently imperative revolution of our times in earnest.

China Jumping Ahead

3 11 2019

While the U.S. is hobbled by extreme military and homeland security spending, as well as escalating dangerous national debt borrowing, China has just raced ahead launching game-changing 5G technology nationwide along with new phones by Huawei, ZTE and other domestic producers.

While the U.S. is paralyzed by impeachment proceedings against a dangerously deranged President on top of an increasingly dysfunctional political system coupled to a flawed campaign financing and electoral system, China is racing ahead on so many fronts including new potentially game-changing weapons systems.

While the U.S. is faced with aging and in many cases crumbling infrastructure, the Chinese have been racing ahead on many fronts quite literally building a new country.

And while the Chinese have major domestic issues they will have to grapple with — especially with regard to repression and human rights in their not so “harmonious” system — the U.S. itself has major social issues of escalating economic inequality, racism, and violence that may prove even more significant and difficult to control in the years ahead.


31 10 2019

Image result for j street logo   See the source image    They’ve both been propelled forward for about a decade now, each of them designed and nurtured by the Israelis.   J Street began with traditional Zionists aligned with Shimon Peres and before him Yitzhak Rabin, wanting, and needing, to provide a carefully controlled Pro-Israel venue for increasingly disaffected and troubled American Jews…especially the younger generation moving away from and even disgusted by Israeli policies.  Former Mossad and Foreign Office top official David Kimche and long-time Peres-Beilin protege Daniel Levy crafted the strategy in league with many former Israeli military and intelligence personalities aware that they were loosing power both in Israel and the U.S. and that their long-touted highly deceptive ‘Two-State Solution” badly needed political reinforcement, regardless of whether actual implementation was still even possible.   With Obama’s coming to power J-Street took off from the start closely aligned and under the control of the Democratic Party, itself well-under the control then of super-Israeli financiers including Haim Saban, and what at the time was still a somewhat bi-partisan AIPAC.

CUFI, Christians United for Israel, had the backing from it’s real start in 2006, of the all-powerful AIPAC Lobby which as always was working closely with Israeli officials which meant more and more since Oslo-days with the hardest-line Revisionist, Religious, and nationalist Zionists, following a strategy long-ago crafted by Vladimir Jabotinsky and more recently Ariel Sharon and Bibi Netanyahu.   It’s goal was to organize the far more numerous American Evangelical community into a more potent political force supportive of Israel’s racist/apartheid policies with plans to vanquish the Palestinians, super arm Israel with U.S. weapons and money, and take down Iran to ensure regional control in coordination with the worst of the dictatorial Arab regimes.

The Israeli civil war was thus brought to the U.S. in a new more visible highly propagandistic form.

It’s a very complicated story that few who know the details are willing to write and confess about, but with my own long involvements as well as political and journalistic background I have been examining and commenting about this struggle pretty much from the beginning.  I’ll be providing critical FlashBacks as well as important new insights in the crucial months and year ahead.  I say critical and crucial because who will win this civil war, who will have political power in the months ahead, will be determining not only the fate of Israel — which both organizations constantly profess to love at all costs — but of the Middle East region, the United States, and quite possible the world.

Trump and Baghdadi

29 10 2019

See the source image

Believing Trump about Baghdadi would be foolhardy.    For Trump it’s all a reality TV show designed beyond any truths to portray him as the greatest, escape impeachment conviction, and emerge victorious in 2020.   He says and does anything with those goals in mind.  Among them:

The attacking dog was injured so little that he was back in service right away, but the three children were all killed, so we are told, by a suicide vest explosion.

Trump claims he heard Baghdadi screaming but even the Secretary of Defense begged off from confirming that.

Trump had actually watched only overhead visuals of the scene and held his press conference even before any of the Delta team body cams has been seen; and the Pentagon/CIA are probably busy now doctoring what they are going to “release”.

The Baghdadi encampment was completely bombed shortly after all the helicopters departed — if true to destroy any and all actual evidence.

The Russians have declared that the Trump story is not credible as far as they are concerned and what was said about Russian support is not true.

Most of all of course just look at the track record of POTUS TRUMP.    Nothing he does or said should be taken at face value.  The default for Trump is gross deception and lies.


Trump rants on and on

23 10 2019

Just yesterday Trump assembled his Cabinet at the White House and went on a rant for 71 minutes



Stealing Syria’s Oil

22 10 2019

See the source image

The U.S./Israel/Saudi plot to take over Syria, and by extension then move onto Lebanon, and by extension thus further weaken/threaten Iran, has failed.   With crafty Russian and Iranian assistance, and with Turkey as a wild card, the Baath regime in Damascus has weathered the major attacks though Lebanon is now endangered and the future of Jordan’s Hashemites and the al-Saud control of Arabia uncertain.

As for Trump he has abandoned the Kurds in favor of stealing Syria’s oil, for the time-being anyway.  In Trump’s own words: “We have secured the oil.”   For the Neocons, Evangelicals, and Zionists, this is a significant victory if it can be maintained.   They probably also think of it as a test-run for “securing” the oil and gas reserves in the crucial Gulf region if and when the geo-political-military situation makes that possible (or they will say necessary).

Killing Grounds DC

17 10 2019

See the source image

The tourists never see it.   The affluent in Washington rarely encounter it.  Even those in the Congress where the drugs, violence and killing take place nearby, have little if any contact with it.

In one 24-hour period last week 4 people were killed and many others injured by guns and knives.   Then the next day, right at the Metro closest to the Capitol, a 15-year-old girl killed a 15-year-old schoolmate.   Then on Saturday two brazen busy daytime robberies as cell-phones were snatched and the thiefs sped away on rental scooters.   A few months ago near the trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood a malicious group of teens swarmed and badly beat a man just steps away from returning to his Washington Hilton Hotel near the same location Reagan was shot and almost killed years ago.

There is a serious underside to Washington DC where usually more people are killed weekly than die in the military overseas.


16 10 2019

Could this letter really be what Trump sent Erdogan a week ago?  “Don’t be a tough guy.  Don’t be a fool!”    And if so who leaked it?   Maybe Trump himself with Pence and Pompeo now rushing to Ankara and Pelosi rather loudly saying Trump is having major “meltdowns” and she is now constantly praying for his mental health.


Giuliani! Prison?

16 10 2019

“He married Nathan in May 2002 in a ceremony at Gracie Mansion fit for royalty:  The bride wore off-white and a tiara; the 400 guests included Yogi Berra, Henry Kissinger,  Barbara Walters and Trump.  By this tie Giuliani had been crowned ‘America’s Mayor’ and Time’s 2001 Man of the Year, following his heroic response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2003.  He reeived a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.”                                  Washington Post, 15 Oct 2019

Image result for picture giuliana cohen and trump

How far they can fall!   Among so many other things Giuliana has never had to answer about the many questions raised about his role before and on 9/11 and his considerable help in bringing about the coverup report.   Now…like Trump’s former personal lawyer and his former campaign manager…”America’s Mayor”, Rudy Giuliani, may himself be on the way to prison.

Middle East Political Graveyard

15 10 2019

Image result for caricature trump wiseman   I’m not referring to the millions of dead in the region largely because of the U.S.   I am referring to the political graveyard of American Presidents.

Carter was brought down by Iran.   Hillary was partially brought down by Benghazi, Libya.   JFK’s fate may have had something to do with Israel and it’s nukes.

Trump may be brought down by Syria.  His recent disastrous attempt to change the subject, fulfill a campaign promise, and demonstrate his powers, has backfired far worse than he could have contemplated.    What he did on impulse and magnified with his claims of supreme wisdom and being an “island of one” may be the point at which even many of the Senate Republicans realized he has to go.