“I Really Don’t Care”

22 06 2018

She goes to the border claiming to be so concerned about the children but wearing a coat that says in big bold letters “I Really Don’t Care…”    And then she reads from note cards in order to ask the simple question “What Can I Do…”   This is a First Lady getting, or giving herself,  very good advice.   But then her “marriage” to Trump is much more scandal than any of us really want to talk about and it’s even hard to say about that “I Really Don’t Care”!

What Mrs. Trump should be caring about are the many millions of destitute American children being made even more destitute by her husband and his big business friends.

Maybe one morning Melania will take a short drive over to Anacostia and do a little touring around the decrepit schools and decayed neighborhoods there just a few miles from where she lives.   And then the next morning maybe Melania should invite the President and his top economic Cabinet members to join her and show them around.



What MICROSOFT could do TODAY about the Kids!

21 06 2018


If Microsoft employees and their company really want to do something with all their technology, creativity, and money, they could do this right away today!

  • Call the White House to get the OK and promise of total cooperation.
  • Send teams to every facility holding separated, undocumented, unaccompanied children and create a closed database with pictures and information about each child.
  • Get other teams ready to go this weekend to all facilities where there are detained or undocumented parents who say their children have been taken from them, and upon verification allow them in a supervised way to review the database for their children.
  • Most cases will be clear, but for those where there are any questions establish a verification process that is quick and efficient.
  • Help provide quick and efficient transportation and supervision for the children to be reunited with their parents.

The numbers here are very small when it comes to creating such a database and putting it to confidential use in a coordinated and supervised manner.   So if Microsoft doesn’t pick up on this right away Google or Facebook or somebody please get to it right now!


TRUMP and his CCCCs

21 06 2018

Trump loves kids so much he’s now going to send them and their parents — most of whom have endured terrible violence along with unimaginable hardships and are simple asking for humanitarian asylum — to prison.  He’s the same Trump who has mandated the CCCCs around the country — Crying Children in Crisis Centers.  He’s the same Trump who has ordered bombs dropped every 12 minutes in Muslim countries —  while supplying even more bombs to Israel, the Saudis, and the Emirates for what they are together doing to the screaming, dying, bleeding, and traumatized children and families of Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond.

Time for U.N. to leave U.S.?

20 06 2018

Image result for caricature United Nations

The U.S. has now left the Human Rights Council, before that UNESCO, before that more funding cuts, including UNWRA and Peace Keeping, on top of incessant threats regarding visas, personnel, and even illegal bugging UNHQ and Diplomats.   Sure enough the world is changing; and so it’s time for the U.N. to do so as well.   My suggestions are:

  • The U.N. set up a Special Commission to look into the possibility of moving U.N. Headquarters.
  • In the meantime that Commission should come up with plans to hold many sessions of many U.N. bodies, including the General Assembly and Security Council, in other countries, starting with the P5.
  • The General Assembly should investigate using and maybe expanding the Uniting for Peace procedure for use when one member of the SC continually vetoes alone important resolutions and policies.
  • The UNHRC and UNESCO, now freed from U.S. restrictions and policy strangulations, should reinvigorate and step-up efforts and appeal to the other nations — especially the other members of the P5 as well as aspiring countries, including India, Germany, Brazil, and others — to make up all funding deficits created by the U.S. and pursue their work with increasing vigor.



Israeli Brutality, Racism, Crimes

19 06 2018

Public statements of extreme racism and Nazi-like attitudes have been escalating in recent years, even from Ministers and officials in the government.  Even more ominously Israeli acts are following the same pattern as the Jewish State prepares for regional war against Syria/Iran/Lebanon as soon as it can further engage the Americans.


Super Heartless America

18 06 2018

Image result for pictures of palestinian children

Yes it’s unconscionable taking children away from Parents as the Trumpees are doing with all kinds of legal and even biblical justifications!   And yes how nice to see the present and former First Ladies speaking up, along with many others, now that about 2000 children have been so mistreated.

But choosing to express heartful concern in this pretty simple and easy case, DOES NOT change how heartless Americans are when it comes to what they are responsible for, one way or another, in our world today.

What about the tens of thousands of starving, dying, cholera-plagued children of Yemen where it is the U.S. that makes possible and condones what the Saudis and Emirates are doing?

What about the literally millions of refugee children from Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria where it is the U.S. that has perpetrated such crimes of such huge proportions?

What about the terrible conditions for the children of Gaza where it is the U.S. that makes possible and supports what the Israelis are so crassly doing?

In the last year of the Obama Presidency more than 26000 American bombs were dropped on many countries with untold deaths.  And that’s just those officially accounted for then, it’s even more now with the Trumpees.

The gross misuse of American military power, on top of the gross misallocation of economic resources, in addition to the horrendously heartless policies go far far far beyond what is even being discussed by Americans today.

Image result for pictures of palestinian children


Neo-Nazi America

17 06 2018

Monte Wolverton / Los Angeles Daily News

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order.”

Such a statement could have been made by an official of the Nazi regime so detested by Americans.   Not to mention that in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” there is supposed to be an inviolable  separation of Church and State along with the cherished right to protest and challenge misguided and illegal government policies.

But in this case this is a very purposeful and public statement by the Attorney General of the United States.   And the Trumpees — led by racists, extreme Neocons and Evangelicals, and notorious imperialists — are using the brute power of the United States, justified by God himself no less, for so many travesties both domestic and international, among which are:

  • To further accelerate the massive military build-up while eviscerating social programs,
  • To assist some of the worst regimes in the world as they brutalize their own people and foment wars of genocidal proportions,
  • To deny climate breakdown,
  • To order standing, saluting, and singing when directed or “You’re Fired!”
  • To even rip babies and children out of the arms of their parents.