Madman in the White House

13 03 2018

donald trump rolling stone cover illustration potus

The psychiatrists and political analysts have to use much more professional terminology and demeanor.  The first have told us clearly and boldly he is a dangerous incurable “Malignant Narcissist”.    The later have written and broadcast story after story with that conclusion between the lines.    So many think we have a madman as President, but can’t use the term.

Just a few recent matters:

  1.  With his affairs with x-rated porn stars, and the payoffs to shut them up, leaking, Trump directs his personal attorney fixer to act in ways that only draw more attention to what he has done as well as to the many women who have publicly accused him.  Pretty nutty trying to censor 60 Minutes!  CBS and Stormy couldn’t have asked for more publicity and assistance from Trump!
  2.  As for Kim of North Korea, surely the Generals will make sure the two are never alone and that Trump doesn’t lose it when Kim demands, quite understandably in return for the demand NKorea disarm, that the Americans finally end the Korean War with a formal peace treaty plus agree to withdraw their military forces from the Peninsula in stages and in effect make China the guarantor of NKorea security.
  3. He fires his Secretary of State via Twitter without even talking to him or letting him know, forcing us all to remember his firing of FBI Director Comey and that so many others once at his side have been fired, dismissed, or resigned.
  4. He comically announces his reelection campaign, “Keep America Great!”, long before any former President has ever done so.
  5. He continues, even escalates, his sui generis pattern of false mega-boasts, inexplicable mega-denials, and contradictory mega-utterances.

NO Security Clearance for TRUMP!

12 03 2018

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Like son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump himself would not be able to get top security clearance for fear he is subject to blackmail, because of his mental state, and because of his naivete in dealings with foreign powers.

In her recent interview Putin was asked:  “Anytime [Trump] says anything about you, it is extremely deferential, never a harsh word for you, although if you look at the way he speaks about members of his own party, of his own staff, never mind other political leaders, he frequently, personally insults them. Why do you think he’s so nice to you?”

The Russians probably not only have things about Trump they can blackmail him with.  They probably also have things about 9/11 and more they could use as political and psychological weapons to upend things in America, in addition to their nuke and cyber warfare capabilities.    And even if the Russians do not use these multiple weapons, including Trump’s hidden personal secrets, he knows they have them and that in itself constitutes their partial use and why Trump himself, like Kushner, would not get top security clearance if he were not in fact President.

Orthodox Zionist Jew Kushner

10 03 2018

Image result for picture Jared Kushner yarmulke

There are things the “mainstream” press just doesn’t deal with.  The reasons are complicated and for another time.   Today let’s just deal with the big elephant in the room when it comes to Jared Kushner.

It’s been an unspoken reality for some time in official Washington that persons of Jewish  heritage are suspect when it comes to foreign policy and economic issues of interest to Israel.   Jonathan Pollard was the public face of these concerns.  But the underlying reality is that Jews in general, whether proclaimed Zionists or not, have not been able to get some positions requiring top security clearances precisely because of concern that wittingly or not their connections with other Jews and Israel could cause “leaks” of vital information to the Jewish State

With regard to Kushner specifically, does anyone doubt that his influence on Trump was a major factor behind the never-before Presidential declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and moving the American Embassy there from Tel Aviv?   Does anyone doubt that if Kushner had been against this, or even cautioned against this, especially in his role, absurd as it is, as Middle East Peace negotiator, that Trump would probably not have done what he did?

Remember now we are not dealing here with just a normal person.  Jared Kushner has been a super Zionist orthodox Jew his whole life and someone with close friends, connections, and financial dealings with the Israeli right-wing and settler movement.  Bibi Netanyahu even use to stay over at the Kushner home years ago and when he did he was given young Jared’s room and slept in Kushner’s bed!


Thank You China/Korea!

9 03 2018

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It’s China and the two Koreas that deserve the thanks, and the applause, not crazy Trump and the dangerous Pentagon militarists.  The Asians have out-maneuvered the Americans with their own behind-on-scenes diplomacy, on top of great public p.r. of late.  If they keep it up they might even be able to finally bring an end to the Korean War, a retreat of American forces from the peninsula, and a gradual two-system reunification of the country.  What we are witnessing is another example of China on the rise; and in this case of Koreans trying to carefully take back their country and their independence, as the Vietnamese managed to do though under quite different circumstances.  We Americans should actually be grateful to the Asians this time, especially to the careful leadership of China under President Xi…very grateful!


George Nader – Mossad connections?

8 03 2018

'Man of mystery' cooperates with Mueller in Russia probe

You can read about him in the news today — another operative Mueller may have caught and turned witness against Trump least he himself face prosecution and jail.

But what you won’t read is George Nader’s alleged dark past.  Decades ago so those in the know say Nader got entangled with the Israelis who used him as an operative to gather intelligence in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan and maybe recruit others to work with the Mossad as well.

If so, and connecting his past with what’s being revealed about Nader now, and the likelihood is the Israelis along with their allies the UAE, Saudis, and Qatar were involved through Nader and others in helping Trump become President and making sure if he did they would have him in their court.


Russia only #6 in Military Spending

8 03 2018

The Americans are responsible more than anyone else for the escalating arms race. including the newly re-invigorated nuclear arms race.   The Russians, as well as the Chinese, spending far less, are more than anything else responding to what the American military-industrial complex is forcing them to do.   The influence of the Israelis and Saudis in further propelling American military predominance, along with vast arms sales and transfers to them, is a major further part of this increasingly tragic and dangerous reality.


President Pence

6 03 2018

It’s a matter of time now before the Trump Presidency morphs into the Pence Presidency.   How much destruction of what many kinds will occur along the way is primarily up to the mentally-ill exceedingly dangerous current occupant of the White House.

The Republican establishment can’t wait for the transitior.  Special Prosecutor Mueller is actually a buttoned-down one of them now with considerable “bi-partisan” backing.

The Israelis and the Zionist Evangelical Christians can’t wait.  Pence is really their choice as Trump has already served their purposes so well.

In many ways Pence may well be worse for the Democrats and the Liberals.    He will continue to stack the courts and even if he doesn’t get a term of his own (which he likely will) America will still be changed in profound ways for more than a generation.     Plus his far-right Christian leanings may make him even more than Trump likely to engage in ever-more-dangerous military-ideological conflict engagements on top of the vast military build-up on the way to the Biblical Rapture and Armageddon.