Push to Execute Salman and Son

17 09 2018

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Opps…sorry…got that wrong!   It’s Salman and Son who are pushing to execute a few of the most-revered top religious leaders in the Kingdom…as well as a few women among the “rights advocates”…all of whom are said to be guilty of being publicly critical about King Salman’s and his Crown Prince Son’s (known as MBS) extraordinarily controversial policies.

These extremely unprecedented policies include making dastardly war on Yemen and Syria, surrounding and threatening to invade Qatar, squandering lavish sums on US/UK arms, arresting and blackmailing many including others in the Royal Family, financing the brutal dictatorship in Egypt and also Bahrain, and worst of all many have concluded, intimately cavorting with the Israeli Zionists and their worst Jewish American cohorts — Kushner and Netanyahu himself at the top of the list — against the Palestinians!

OMG, what has the modern Middle East come to after so many years of American imperialism, Israeli domination, and Western/Christian treachery!?

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Syria – think about it

14 09 2018

Image result for caricature US and PLO

Image result for caricature US and PLO

25 Years Ago at the White House

13 09 2018

President Bill Clinton coaxes Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, left, and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat to shake hands at the White House Sept. 13, 1993, at the signing of their peace accord.

It was an unprecedented spectacle 25 years ago today on the White House lawn.   It was an Israeli/US super duper Con Job not only on the Palestinians but on the world.   There has been no recovery from what was done and symbolized that day.  Indeed, while duplicitously claiming the opposite, that day and that ceremony sent in motion the death of the “Two-State Solution”, the corruption/destruction of the PLO,  the permanent division/fragmentation of the Palestinians,  the escalating transformation of all of Palestine into The Jewish State of Israel, as well as the escalating tensions that have killed so many millions and destroyed so much in the greater Middle East ever since.  Indeed even the Trump/Kushner/Natanyahu Con Job of the moment pales by comparison, significance and methodology.

That day I did the live commentary for CTV.   Watch at http://vimeo.com/channels/mabctv

I believe I was the only national live commentator that day who predicted this “political marriage of the oddest of the odd couples” would miserably fail as the PLO was being taken for a ride.  Also in this regard read this from a few days ago:   https://markbruzonsky.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/plo-dc-office-ordered-closed/

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Arrest U.S. Officials traveling abroad

12 09 2018

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The Americans have brought this on themselves.  Now that Trump and his radical war-monger extreme-neocon super-Zionist National Security Adviser Bolton have not only sworn themselves to defy the International Criminal Court but to arrest the Justices, and those who work with them, if they travel to the U.S., it’s time for major counter measures.

First, whatever their intentions were before based on international law, now the ICC must move forward with principled and evidence-based prosecutions of the most culpable Israeli, U.S. and other officials.   U.S. threats, blackmail, and subversion cannot be allowed to prevail.

Second, it’s time for other governments, with encouragement from U.N. bodies, jurists, and international NGOs, to counter what the U.S. has now done.  This means soon, if the U.S. proceeds, the possibility of arrest warrants for U.S. and Israeli officials who are seriously accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity if appropriate evidence and laws so warrant.


11 09 2018

Yesterday the LATimes featured an article detailing that after 17 years Al-Qaeda and other organizations fighting the U.S. are stronger than ever, as is the Taliban in Afghanistan!   Add to this picture that the U.S. is about to further intervene in Syria, is preparing to take down Iran and Lebanon, and in coordination with Israel and Saudi Arabia is trying to create an “Arab NATO” force to do its bidding throughout the Middle East.  See MiddleEast.Org

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Image result for caricature US and PLO

PLO DC Office Ordered Closed

10 09 2018

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Actually we should all be cheering…but for totally different reasons than the Trumpees.   Long ago the PA/PLO became a US/Israel contractor, a sub-agent of the Israeli occupation.   Sure, the rhetoric has been different; but the realities have been clear for some time.   Both Edward Said and Haider Abdul-Shafi warned of this back in 1993 refusing to even attend the White House extravaganza.  I predicted that very day while doing the live commentary for CTV it was a forced political marriage bound to fail — but I only had the confidence to do so having talked to both Said and Abdul-Shafi in the preceding days  — http://vimeo.com/channels/mabctv

Abbas should have long ago resigned (actually he’s illegitimate in multiple ways to start with but that’s a much longer story), disbanded the PA, admitted his gross historic mistakes, insisted the U.N. reassume responsibility for occupied Palestine, and in today’s context call on the nations and the peoples of the world to endorse BDS against Israel.

Trump’s totally false Super Zionist “Peace Plan” is coming and that’s why the Palestinian people are being further tortured into submission.  Closing the DC Office is part of the plan along with Jerusalem, defunding UNRWA, destroying Gaza, ending refugee right of return, ending involvement with the Human Rights Commission and UNESCO.   Also at this point the Super Zionists — led by Kushner and Bibi with lieutenants Greenblatt and Friedman and Saudi MBS — may very well welcome an end to the PA under Abbas.   They have other quislings in mind to take over — call it a kind of stealth regime change for Ramallah.   But even so it’s long overdue and if properly done can be used to greatly benefit the historic cause of Palestine while greatly isolating Israel and the U.S.

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“Objectionable Content”

9 09 2018

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NO THANK YOU Apple…Facebook, Twitter.    We don’t need or want you, especially in collusion with government, telling us what is “Objectionable Content” and using the tools of repression…censoring, banning, defaming using the latest “politically correct” excuses.

I’m no fan of Alex Jones.  At a Washington event months ago when everyone was running to have their picture taken with him, he walked right by me a few times  and once we were getting a drink at the same place and time…I never even said hi or wanted a picture.   BUT…once the private media biggies, especially as they have become the news aggregators/monopolists even more than the big newspapers or networks, start telling us who is “objectionable”, what is “conspiracy”, what is “hate”, they have crossed big red lines.

Get this!  According to Apple the guidelines Jones violated, which they now summarize as “objectionable content” bar “defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited content, including references or commentary about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups, particularly if the app is likely to humiliate, intimidate, or place a targeted individual or group in harm’s way.”

We have a very long legal constitutional tradition in this country about what people can say/write, and what they cannot, and for what reasons.    Government has tried to interfere and in most cases been shot down.  The oligarchs have bought up the big media of all kinds and tried to interfere, only to find that their readers and viewers were finding other ways and disserting them.   Now the social media giants, spurred on by government and lobbyists, are trying to interfere, and we should all be telling them “NO THANKS”, BUTT OUT”!