J. Edgar Mueller and the Republican Cabal

18 04 2019

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Remember now who we are dealing with.  Mueller, Rosenstein, Barr are all lifetime career Republican operatives.  They have spent their whole lives obfuscating and covering up; that is why they were appointed to their positions and advanced to the next level — in the case of Rosenstein and Barr actually appointed by Trump, and then Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

And remember Mueller was the longest FBI Director since J. Edgar Hoover.   And we know for fact and rightly suspect much more the extraordinary excesses, coverups and crimes committed by Hoover who was never held accountable and still has his name adorning FBI HQ!

Mueller was in fact appointed by Bush/Cheney just before 9/11, and he then was in place to oversee the botched investigation and purposefully orchestrated coverup.

Indeed, just as the 9/11 Commission was “Set up to Fail” (not my words but actually those of the two co-chairmen) so was the “Special Counsel”.   First the law itself had been gutted, no longer an “Independent Counsel” but rather one reporting to the President’s appointed political officials which Barr demonstrated as he went out of his way to stress in the Press Conference this morning.  Then the whole “investigation” was overseen from start to finish by this collection of Hard-core career Republican operatives.

Opps…there was no real Press Conference.  It was a Prop Conference.  The press were plopped down in front of the cameras as props so Barr could deliver in effect a kind of closing statement in defense of the President before anyone else, other than the White House, had even seen the carefully “redacted” report.   Then “the press” got to ask a few questions, didn’t get key answers, and off ran Barr and Rosenstein even before a half hour was up.

Adding to this nonsense “the Press” is not now demanding Barr appear for a real Press Conference tomorrow after whatever he has finally released as I write has been read and they could really do their job with really serious questions.

OMG, what a land of the body snatchers and political cesspool Washington DC has become.  It has been corrupted and corroding for a long time in fact, but never worse than now.