Trump and Lady Liberty

4 12 2016

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WAR CABINET: Generals “Mad Dog” and “Unhinged”

3 12 2016

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It’s a super dangerous WAR CABINET.   Trump’s Pentagon Chief is nicknamed “Mad Dog” for his extreme militarism and killer temperament.   “It’s fun to shoot some people” is one of General Mattis’ classic public comments. Another: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”  Among other atrocities, Mattis commanded the Marines in the horrible historic war crimes in Fallujah in 2004.  “Civilian Rule” of the military has long been one of the American Democracy Myths.  Masks off this time.  It’s a WAR CABINET.

Meanwhile Trump’s National Security Adviser is also a former rabid extreme nationalist militarist General.  Gen Mike Flynn is said to be “unhinged”  — that term from former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell.  It’s a WAR CABINET.

Former General Petraeus may or may not become Secretary of State but he is being seriously considered.  He worked closely with the “Mad Dog” for many years.   All of the Generals btw have quite publicly declared their extreme hostility to both Iran and Russia and have extremely close ties to the Israeli military and Mossad.

Did I mention it’s a WAR CABINET?!

P.S. Special legislation will be required for General Mattis to become Defense Secretary.   Because of the 1947 national security law a General must wait 10 years after active duty before becoming defense secretary. An exception was granted on a one-time basis for George George Marshall, with special legislation at the time that specified it was the “sense of the Congress that after General Marshall leaves the office of Secretary of Defense, no additional appointments of military men to that office shall be approved.”  The 10-year period was reduced to seven years in 2008.

Forest Fire “Terrorism”?

2 12 2016

Is this what is happening in the Great Smokey mountains, out West in the U.S., and a few weeks ago in Israel?  The origins of these major and unprecedented fires is mysterious, though one official source let it be known the massive Great Smokey fire was “human caused”…with no further comments.

If so a few things are actually unsurprising.   In view of what has happened in the Middle East, and with Israel, and in recent years in Syria as well as Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond, it is not surprising there is hatred, revenge, payback, and counter-strikes.   We call it all “terrorism” not only for simplicity sake but to discredit without thought and analysis all those who believe they are themselves “freedom fighters” and fighting the invaders.  Furthermore it is not surprising that those in authority are not calling it what it is.   For if these fires are really being human set by “terrorists” this may well be all but unstoppable and thus very little is being said about the causes and the successes from “the other side”.

Germany Exists to Protect Israel

1 12 2016

It is this kind of thinking, totally overlooking the Palestinians and the actual policies of Israel, that has propelled the Middle East, and maybe the world, to the brink of major regional war with death and destruction even beyond the dimensions of recent decades.


Summarizing Obama

30 11 2016


They humored him.  They manipulated him.  They waited him out.  He drank their Kool-Aid.  He became their unwilling unknowing facilitator.  In many ways he became one of them– the Washington establishment, the swamp, the land of the body-snatchers, the “liberal” Jewish Zionists, the mega-rich Wall Streeters and Hollywood titans.  His “hope” and “change” slogans morphed into despair and more of the same…even worse when it comes to drone killings, covert ops, whistle-blowers, neo-Cold War with Russia and growing tensions with China.   He destroyed his credibility.  He became the “Neocon-Facilitator”.   He set the stage with all the war preparations for what is happening and about to explode rather than trying to seriously alter course as did JFK.   He brought us Trump.



CLINTON – Another critical dangerous lie

28 11 2016

Once again Clinton and the Dems and even the supposedly ‘independent’ “Intelligence” Agencies” were blatantly lying to us about very important matters.  Lost in all the recent clamor was that when the top intelligence official resigned (after the Trump election) he went on record denying what they had all been loudly proclaiming (before the election) fingering over and over “the Russians”.  Very very dangerous government we have had…even th0ugh the coming one is for sure to be much much worse… the worst and most dangerous ever!

U.S. in the Middle East (in one picture)

27 11 2016

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