UN Security Council screws up today

24 04 2017
TRUMP:  The U.N. is ‘just a club for people to talk and 
have a good time’ 

united nations The U.N. Security Council is further besmirching itself today.   Summoned by Trump it is convening at the White House with Trump acting as Chairman and host.

Not only should the American President have been told “Glad to meet with you if you like, come lunch with us at U.N. Headquarters.”   But this POTUS should be read the riot act rather than allowed to preside on his own terms in his own power trappings.  This is a U.S. President who just recently defied the U.N. and bombed Syria, is threatening on his own to start a possible nuclear war by bombing North Korea, has said he is going to greatly de-fund the U.N., and has threatened to withdraw altogether from the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, and other U.N. bodies.

Since the Americans hold the Presidency of the Security Council this month, it could be that Ambassador Nikki Haley herself ordered this White House event.  If so one of the things the other members of the Security Council should say today when they finish up at the White House is that President Haley has now been asked to schedule meetings of the Security Council in Beijing, Moscow, Paris, and London…in all of the capitals of the Permanent Members.   And when she refuses she should be outed for abusing her authority as it’s long past time for the U.N. to stop being used and manipulated by the U.S.

“Sick War-Mongering Nation”

22 04 2017

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Sometimes the profound hard-hitting observations come obscurely from friends lashing out online without censorship or editing…as in this case:

 ” It says something very sad about the mentality of Americans when a president’s “approval ratings” soar after he attacks other nations and uses bombs, armaments, etc. We are profoundly sick as a collective society and Congress has demonstrated, with approval of our massive military budget, that we are a war mongering nation.”

Israel’s Escalating Fascism

21 04 2017

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Jews who support peaceful BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) are now prohibited from visiting Israel or the now 50-year occupied Palestine. But radical extremist super-Zionist Jews who want to illegally “settle” in the “occupied territories” and even promote nuke attack on Iran are welcome!

Newsmen who support Israeli policies are wined, dined, and rewarded in the Jewish State.  But the former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., now in charge of Israeli “diplomacy”, is calling for forcing closure of the New York Times bureau in Jerusalem because it published an important Op Ed by the most popular Palestinian leader, one whom the Israelis have imprisoned for the past 15 years!

And yet the USA keeps rushing super arms and pouring additional billions into radical lawless neo-fascist Israel as it prepares for the next regional war they have long advocated to take down their diehard opponents in Palestine, Lebanon, Iran and beyond.   The greater design, it needs be added, is the geo-strategic goal of further embroiling the Americans militarily (as well as CIA/NSA) in the region on their side forever.

TRUMPEES and Americans

19 04 2017

TRUMPees Vs …..

18 04 2017

DISASTER – Abbas, Ashrawi, Erekat

17 04 2017

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Political Disaster looms for the Palestinians…and at their own hands…the same hands.

Twenty-four years ago the Palestinians made one of their most egregious historic mistakes — the Americans dramatizing it all in the famous “White House lawn” ceremony in Washington.  They allowed themselves to get tricked and trapped into a false “Two-State Peace Process”.   They were warned in advance by experts, by the closest of their allies, and from within at the highest levels — Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish, Haider Abdel-Shafi all resigned from the PLO and Palestine National Council in protest.

As a result the Palestinian people are more occupied and divided, more destitute and demoralized, than ever — far more than was even imaginable then.    True it is their historic enemies who have done the deeds — the Israeli Zionists, the UK, the U.S.   But it is their leaders themselves who made it all possible, who legitimized it in the eyes of the world, who allowed the “Palestinian Authority” to become a sub-agent of the occupation — armed, paid for and protected in fact by Israel, the U.S., and the Europeans against their own people!

There is no precedent in history for what is now about to happen.   The same corrupted and discredited Palestinians “leaders” who brought about the disaster 24 years ago — Abbas, Ashrawi, Erekat at the top of the list — are coming back to Washington in the days ahead to do it again!   While they and their families and friends have all greatly benefited, the Palestinian people have suffered more and worse than ever.  They all have secret foreign bank accounts and homes, their children attend elite US and European universities, they have VIP status everywhere they travel and speak for their gross mistakes, misdeeds, and in the end quite traitorous behavior (whether by design or by error no longer really matters).

The Palestinian “delegation” arrives in Washington next week.   Mahmoud Abbas himself — the false “President” and the man who actually signed the document on the White House lawn — is coming the first week of May.   This time it is even worse. They are coming because Trump and his super-Zionist cabal now in charge in Washington need to put them on display and get their help in their desperate attempts to legitimate themselves.  What a travesty of history!   What another sorrowful moment for the people of ever-shrinking, fatally-fractured, and multiply-imprisoned Palestine.

Bannon and Spicer GOING GOING soon GONE

16 04 2017

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Washington Update!  Both Bannon and Spicer are on the way out.  They have both become distractions for super narcissist POTUS Trump — beyond their own bumbling.   What Trump wants is for both of them to resign and go quietly. When it comes to Bannon Trump wants to find a way, any way, that he will not become the super guru of the far-right using his unique “stature” challenging and opposing Trump as he drifts toward both “moderation” and a “war Presidency”.  The later will be Trump’s way of both excusing his domestic failures and trying to rally his base around him and the flag for “patriotic” rather than policy reasons.