WHO should have to register as a FOREIGN AGENT?

11 12 2018

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JOHN DUKE ANTHONY is also in effect a Foreign Agent, but he keeps pretending otherwise.

It is true that mighty AIPAC and other Jewish and Zionist organizations are actually lobbying, as well as intelligence and p.r. conduits, for Israel and should in fact also have to register as foreign agents. Not only is that the role they play, but the history of AIPAC and some other organizations like ZOA and the Presidents Conference makes it very clear what their lobbying role in Washington is all about.

But there are others doing similar things for Arab regimes, sometimes in plain view, as John Duke, however much puny in comparison.    He and the organization he founded many years ago, known as the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations, are hardly independent. Purportedly educational, both NCUSAR and John have evolved over the years to be very clearly lobbying arms of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

I ran into John unexpectedly some months past in a break at his annual conference. We’ve known each other a long time, never been friends going to lunch or anything like that, but maintaining a kind of Washington cordiality and never saying much to each other knowing that we truly pray in different churches (political and existential, not religious).  But as we literally were walking by each other it would have been even more awkward to say nothing.   So I simply said, “Well John, you’ve had another ‘successful’ conference”.  This was my way of being subtle and even diplomatic on the spur of the moment.   John stopped for a moment as I did and said, “Well Mark, coming from you that’s very meaningful. You’ve been pretty rough on us.”   With a few more nothing and seemingly innocent words both of us left it at that.

These days John is in Saudi Arabia again attending the latest GCC summit.  He’s the only American he continually emphasizes who has attended every one of them in fact going back some 30 years.  In advance of that John published a very extensive and elaborate review of GCC and Saudi policies which is no way can be considered academic or journalistic, it has be considered clearly paid lobbying, fairly sophisticated actually.

And yet at the same time NCUSAR, of which he is Founder and CEO, is sending out fund-raising appeals calling for supporting “Cross-cultural Understanding” with your “tax-deductible” contributions — and getting more money mostly from corporate executives beholden to the Saudis and GCC.


Trump in the China Shop

10 12 2018

“This can’t Possibly Turn Out Well”

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Trump: Gross Incompetence on top of Crimes beyond Lies

9 12 2018

See the source imageNow Trump wants us to believe that on the very day he was having a major dinner with the Chinese President he didn’t know a major Chinese business figure had been arrested via Canada.

Much more than likely  — the pattern has been clearly established — Trump is lying and dissembling.   But if true what incompetence!   His National Security Council person, right there at the dinner table, knew, and if he didn’t tell Trump what does that say?

Just imagine if right at the dinner table President Xi would have demanded in front of everyone that the Huawei CFO, daughter of the company’s founder, be immediately released and Trump would have appeared to be such an incompetent blundering  fool claiming that he didn’t know what Xi knew.

Whatever, China will now be forced to act in kind, and rightly so, unless Meng Wanzhou is immediately released.

Maybe this whole episode, along with so many other things, is Trump’s way of trying to distract attention from the legal, political, and economic nooses all now threatening to hang him.

CNN – extreme pro-Israel bias

7 12 2018

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CNN’s abrupt firing of Prof Marc Lamont for his most well-prepared and thoughtful speech at the U.N. offers up a special moment of challenge for the rest of us.

It’s an awkward comparison but the Saudis have been severely repressing, torturing and killing for a long time; but it took the brutal Khashoggi assassination to bring them to their defining moment.

CNN has been a very pro-Israel network from the start not only employing a host of pro-Israel anti-Palestinian persons but continually refusing to let accomplished others with seriously critical views of Israel on the air.

One great but forgotten example of the extreme pro-Israel CNN orientation is one of their stars, Wolf Blitzer, who was tasked to the network in the early days after working for the Israel Lobby in Washington and a Zionist newspaper in Israel.

A few mornings ago as I watched CNN the commentators repeatedly used yiddish words over and over describing what’s going on in Washington –  Bubkiss, Ohvey, Mentsh, Facacht,  shmuz,  among they.

What has happened with Marc Lamont could be, and should be, the news hook for other media to take a long look at CNN and it’s extreme pro-Israel anti-Palestinian biases.

Bush and CIA – Major False Flag changed the world

3 12 2018

What Bush and the CIA did in 1990 changed the history of the Middle East, the U.S., and the world.    Like the Gulf of Tonkin false flag that changed the history of southeast Asia,
the American military invasion of the Middle East was precipitated by
historic treachery, deceptions, and lies.   As a result the U.S. today has military bases and forces in 14 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Saddam Hussein, then one of the major U.S. allies in the region, was tricked
into invading Kuwait.   The best telling of this story is told in a book published by a former White House Press Secretary whom the major media ignored.

Then the Saudi King was tricked into allowing American forces to rush to his country for the first time, supposedly to protect it was an Iraqi invasion that was an even grosser deception.

Like with the Gulf of Tonkin non-attack in 1964, the Bush/CIA deception and lies led the Congress to give the OK to war and major military bases in many Middle East countries ever since.

It was the invasion of Saudi Arabia by American troops that caused Osama bin Laden, then a confidant of the King, to break away and turn Al Qaeda, which the CIA had helped form in Afghanistan years earlier, to start attacking U.S. forces.

This is the real and important major legacy of George H.W. Bush for the Middle East, the U.S., and the world.

Bush was CIA choice for Pres

1 12 2018

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Gerald Ford was President after Nixon’s resignation and Agnew’s overthrow put him in line.  Bush headed the CIA for only one year in 1976, departing the day Carter became President on 20 Jan 1977.   That was when top CIA officials decided they were going to help him become the next President replacing Carter.   I only know a small bit of the story, but I heard it directly from the former Deputy Director of the CIA himself, Ray Cline.

I had just come to Washington and was working at what was then known as the Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies, today just CSIS.   I worked directly with and was mentored by Ray Cline, then the CSIS Executive Director.   One day over lunch quite out of the blue Cline asked me what I thought about George Bush.  Actually I had little to say as I knew so little about such things back then.  Though he didn’t say it directly,  the nature and tone of the discussion was that Bush would be a great President.   Years later I realized Cline was feeling me out — someone so much younger and with such a different background from him — as Cline and his CIA circles were already positioning Bush to take over the White House.

A few years later Reagan became President with Bush his VP, and Bush got his turn in 1988.   Even today, though he actually headed the Agency for less than a year, CIA HQ is known as The George Bush Center for Intelligence.

Why Did CIA Director Refuse

30 11 2018

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The Congress has oversight powers and responsibility for the CIA.  But the only recourse if the CIA Director refuses this oversight is to refuse to fund future operations; or to impeach; or to refuse to confirm future CIA heads unless they pledge to always appear before the appropriate Congressional Committees when summoned.

So why did the CIA Director so blatantly this week cause such a stir by refusing to testify alongside the Secretaries of Defense and State?   This one is not so complicated.   Either Ms. Haspel (Bloody Gina) would have had to blatantly defy and contradict Trump about Khashoggi and the Saudi Crown Prince; or she would have had to commit perjury that could come back to haunt her.

Now it’s up to the Congress to show what they can do about this outrageous situation.