Major Media working with US and Israel governments

20 08 2018

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Two egregious recent examples this weekend.

The flagship CBS News program 60 Minutes last night did a feature about Syria.  Not only was it all about how the Syrian Government was guilty for using outlawed Sarin gas in past years, but their story was based on and featured the “humanitarian White Helmets” who had helped gather the evidence.  NO mention though that the White Helmets were a UK/US created and funded organization only during “humanitarian” work in the rebel areas.  NO mention that recently the Israelis, coordinated with the US, mounted an unprecedented secret mission to save the White Helmets from capture by going in to Syria to save them and their families so they could be resettled in Jordan, Israel, and the UK.

The Atlantic Magazine has just done a major feature warning Americans that the Russians are continuing to “interfere” in U.S. elections by trying to create confusion to undermine America’s will to fight.  The magazine this time hooked up more than ever with The Atlantic Council in Washington, a rather notorious think-tank full of retired and masked DOS, DOD, and CIA types and long known as a super front NGO for NATO.  While highly critical of Russian supported media like RT, no mention in the article about who funds and controls The Atlantic Council, nor that the chief editor of The Atlantic is himself  a long-time ardent Zionist who could himself be considered a dually-loyal American Jew known for his close coordination with the Israeli/Jewish Lobby.


Greater Israel

18 08 2018

OK, it’s a pictorial exaggeration for impact.   But with Israel’s over-whelming military and clandestine power, on top of its alliance with the US, UK, and NATO — plus its close links now with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, Jordan, and Egypt — Israel rules in today’s Middle East.  And that’s why the Israelis are pushing hard to get Trump to champion the ARAB NATO alliance an the upcoming White House meeting in order to keep the Arab dictatorial regimes in power and to isolate and take down Iran along with Hezbollah and Assad one way or another.

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Trump/Bibi/Saudi “SLAP of the CENTURY”

17 08 2018

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This is no time to mince words.  Let’s remember that Mahmoud Abbas is a miserably terribly failed, illegitimate, quisling, not real and not credible “President of the Palestinian Authority”…an Israeli/U.S. creation from the start.  His list of stupid, treacherous, onerous acts spans pages and decades.    That said, how cute that Abbas has just called the Trump/Kushner/Netanyahu/Saudi upcoming Super Zionist “Deal of the Century Peace Plan” the “Slap of the Century” which he is going to prevent from taking root.   Had it not been for him and his gang of despicable cronies that continue to run the “Authority” on behalf of themselves as sub-contractor occupiers for Israel of the Palestinian people, today’s outrageously horrible state of affairs would never have come to be.

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16 08 2018

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The crafty Israelis are manipulating Trump in so many ways.   They’ve even got him to schedule a major Washington powwow with Saudi and other Sunni Arab states, including Egypt and Jordan, to create a kind of ARAB NATO.

The Israelis are not likely to be formally in the room at the White House for that gathering in October, but their manipulating hands are all over this; plus they have their own representative in the White House to handle things for them — none other than the Super Zionist and dually-loyal Presidential son-in-law!

Remember now, the Kushner family have been close friends with Bibi Netanyahu and the extreme Zionist settler movement for decades — Bibi even use to sleep in Jared’s bed (no kidding!)!


14 08 2018

Donald Trump

“They just came out with a poll, did you hear? The most popular person in the history of the Republican Party is Trump, can you believe it?”    Donald J. Trump, 12 July 2018

Waging his finger at the media cameras that can’t resist his rantings, the madman American President is preparing his troops for the impeachment civil war.

He screams about the “Fake, Fake, Disgusting News.”   We should all be screaming about the “Fake, Fake, Disgusting President!”

With Manafort likely soon convicted; with the House and subpoena power likely in the hands of the Democrats come November; with his deals about Korea, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Russia, China, plus “the century” all unraveling;  with the economic bubble and stock market sooner or later diving; and with DOJ/Mueller closing in on him and cronies…

With all that ahead the severely malignant narcissist President which the courageous group of psychiatrists led by Bandy Lee at Yale — authors of THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP — have warned us about from the start, is now more dangerous than ever.

Trump Threatens to BLOW UP DOJ/Mueller Investigation

13 08 2018

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Telegraphing his threats using Rudy via headlining at Drudge, Trump is letting it be known he will do much more than obstruct DOS and Mueller, he will  actually try to blow it up with probably formerly classified info, tricks, lies, and ultimately call his troops onto the streets.


A New Look at FACEBOOK

10 08 2018

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