Saudi Billions to Egypt Junta buys Mercenary Sunni Army

27 03 2015

The Saudis fomented the military take-over of Egypt and they as well fomented the civil war in Syria expecting to bring down the Assad regime.   And lets not forget their military intervention to save the regime in Bahrain and their tens of billions yearly used to buy arms and corrupt everyone they can from politicians to journalists.

Now, just as the Obama Administration and leading EU powers are beginning a rapproachment with Iran, the Saudis are fomenting a Sunni Alliance whose first task is a proxie war against Iran in Yemen.   It’s mind-boggling that even as the Saudis are  bombing Iranian-backed forces in Yemen, the U.S. is actually helping Iranian forces aligned with the Shia Baghdad regime by bombing Sunni anti-Iran forces in Tikrit!  Got that?

But what lies ahead is far worse, far more dangerous, and could even bring about WWIII.    The now formalized Sunni Alliance, already in bed with and infiltrated by the Israelis, will attempt to spark a hot war with Iran with the real aim of bringing down the regime in Tehran.    Once ignited, in the fog of war, it is likely the US and others would get dragged in against Iran, despite intentions.  That of course is precisely what the Israelis want to bring about!


26 03 2015

The Saudis have been in a cold war with Iran for some time.   They were even caught telling the U.S. to “cut off the head of the snake” (i.e., the regime in Tehran).  They are desperate to keep the U.S. in their strategic/financial bed,  and thus petrified about a looming U.S.-Iran rapproachment.  So desperate in fact that their dangerous de facto alliance with Israel has become more exposed than ever.

After military intervention in Bahrain, after encouraging the Pentagon to build up forces throughout the GCC which they created, after financing and fomenting the military Junta coup in Cairo, after manipulating oil supply/prices to harm Iran and Russia, after fomenting the horrible civil war in Syria, and after whopping arms purchases in recent years totaling over $100 billion, the Saudis are now directly intervening in Yemen with massive air power and troops to come (probably from their well-paid now mercenary army in Egypt as well).

This is being done with both the help and support of the U.S. and Israel, along with their much expanded  alliance with the Egyptian Junta.     And they are doing so at a critical time hoping one way or another, along with the Israelis, to abort the growing connections between the U.S. and Iran.

Panic Time for Liberal Zionists

22 03 2015

The moral and political contradictions “liberal” American Jews face were on public display this weekend at the J Street 5th annual gathering in Washington.  Compared to AIPAC and CUFI that also hold their annual events at the Washington Convention Center, J Street is a kind of Zionist stepchild with far fewer numbers and impact.   Revisionist and Evangelical Zionism are now dominant — along with religious and settler Zionism.   J Street even held a plenary session — one of their best ever it should be noted — asking the question “Does Liberal Zionism Have A Future?”

A few years ago when J Street was launching I wrote a rather critical and revealing essay.   I’m putting it today as a Flashback at the top of MiddleEast.Org and

it does need updating.  Stay tuned!

Dershowitz laments not being invited by J Street!

21 03 2015

This guy Dershowitz has got to be the great Jewish Zionist Narcissist Nudnick of all time!

 I have repeatedly sought an opportunity to address the J Street conference. I have personally implored Jeremy Ben-Ami, the head of J Street, either to allow me to address the conference, or to sit down with me for a public conversation in front of the group’s members. He has adamantly refused.

 MiddleEast.Org and

Two weeks ago I said: Bibi Reelects Himself with State of the World Address to U.S. Congress

18 03 2015

Bibi Reelects Himself with State of the World Address to U.S. Congress.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress in the House Chamber on Capitol Hill, March 3, 2015.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Obama actually VERY PRO-ISRAEL

16 03 2015

Measured by how much armaments and billions and special additional funds for anti-missile development, the reality is Barack Obama has been among the most pro-Israel of Presidents.   And if his nemesis Netanyahu goes down tomorrow there will be a big push to bring about a “Palestinian State”, no matter how false and disingenuous it would be.  That’s what his long-time liberal Jewish Zionists funders want, and that in fact is what the main-stream Zionist Israelis want — Obama as their front man for a poison-pill deal with Abbas and the collaborationist “Palestinian Authority” that will for them legitimize the settlements and the apartheid realities.

Obama Will Cause Coup Against Putin!

12 03 2015

A former top official in the State Department, the former chief of the Policy Planning Division in fact, let the cat out of the bag last night.   She was speaking at a closed Princeton University event and could say out loud what current officials cannot — that the real goal of the U.S. is coup in Moscow!    She openly predicted there is as much as a 50% chance that Putin will be ousted before the end of the Obama Presidency.   The former top official is known to be a close confidant of Hillary Clinton who appointed her to that key State Department position, and she would be one of a number of Democractic Party foreign policy operatives who would be considered for National Security Adviser were Hillary to become POTUS.


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