Hillary does as her Jewish Super Zionist handlers demand

5 07 2015

Speaking at Dartmouth Friday Hillary parroted Israel’s Netanyahu calling Iran the world’s “chief sponsor of terrorism”  saying “they pose an existential threat to Israel”.    This comes just days after Hillary met with Jewish Zionist big-money tycoons and promised them she would be “better than Obama about Israel.”    And just days before that she went to super Zionist money-man Haim Saban’s home in L.A. where he brought together others like himself devoted to Israel to make it clear to Hillary they would continue to back her as long as she did what they wanted with regard to Israel and the Middle East.                         WashReport.com


5 07 2015

At this critical time both the U.S. and the Israelis are purposefully”leaking” plans to super-bomb Iran.  This on top of the leaks about how the Saudis are cooperating in the planning and agreeing to let planes fly over the Kingdom.  Probably the Jordanians and Turks are also in agreement while  the Iraqis and Syrians are no longer capable of defending their skies.  With such threats one would think Iranian “hard-liners” (or should we call them realists) will argue more than ever that “the Great Satan” and the “Zionist entity” cannot be trusted no matter what kind of agreement they make. Only military and political strength will prevent attack and regime change in Iran, as has already been achieved in many Middle East countries, and attempted in others, by the Americans and their Israeli and Saudi regional allies.

Massive Penetrator bunker buster

Read articles today at MiddleEast.Org


4 07 2015

These are quotes from the popular NBC Today Show on 3 July, the day before America’s Independence Day!

“The dangers are now more complex and unpredictable than ever” – NBC Newsman

“Their Grasp of social media is simply phenomenal” NYC Police Commissioner

“I think Americans should enjoy their hotdogs and hamburgers and fireworks and not let the fear of terrorism dominate the headlines.  Because if we do that ten the bad guys have actually won” – Former CIA counterterrorism analyst

After 14 post-911 years of invading, spying, bombing, droning, black-oping, and expenditures into the trillions, this is the state of worry and fear and anxiety in the American homeland!   The entire Middle East region has been set on fire by the Americans and their Arab and Zionist allies with millions killed, more millions made refugees, and countries destroyed!   What is happening today is the result!


Clinton: Mega Contributors are Billionaire Zionist Jews

3 07 2015

The biggest of the super contributors to Hillary Clinton are super billionaire Jewish Zionists.   Haim Saban and George Soros are at the top.  Klutznicks, Saltzmans, Pritzkers and others from Chicago who launched Obama, and so many of their “liberal Zionist” comrades, are also on the short list.

“LAST CHANCE” to save Planet!

1 07 2015

STAR POWER – Robert Redford warns Dec in Paris “LAST CHANCE” to save Planet!

December in Paris, when the nation’s of the world meet again about climate change, will be the world’s “last chance” to save the planet!   So says superstar Robert Redford.   And the Secretary-General of the U.N. couldn’t resist a photo with such star power bringing such a critical, urgent, warning.

In recent days the Pope and now super-star Redford have tried to shock humanity into action.   It’s going to take much more!  It’s time for many more super stars from every country and every corner of the planet to start screaming at the nation-state political leaders that revolutionary action is justified this time and nothing less is going to be tolerated by the rest of us!

Pirate Israel!

30 06 2015

Yesterday Israel seized on the high-seas in international waters a ship with aid supplies on the way to besieged Gaza.  Among others taken into custody is the recent former President of Tunisia.   The Israelis have imprisoned Gaza by land, air, and sea, and rather than challenging Israeli actions the major Arab states, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are cooperating!   Of course the Americans as usual are helping and supporting the Israelis, and the Europeans as usual are hiding under political and legal rocks.

Anonymous Palestine


28 06 2015

This critical summary about the massively corrupt state of “American democracy” comes not from some obscure blog and unknown personality.   Rather it is penned by  a former U.S. Senator, once serious Presidential candidate, and is in the pages of this week’s TIME Magazine!

The American Republic is massively corrupt… Major changes must be made in the way we elect our presidents and our members of Congress… The headquarters of the permanent campaign industry in Washington are but a stone’s throw, if that, from the offices of the lobbying firms. The treasurers of most campaigns have only to funnel the checks from lobbyist-bundlers into the accounts of the campaign management companies. It is a great hydra-headed monster, one that is rapidly devouring American democracy.



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