CBS Gives MBS a big stinking boost

19 03 2018

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CBS and 60 MINUTES should be ASHAMED for the extremely propagandistic profile they did last night with Saudi strong-man Mohamed Bin Salman, the man who if not assassinated could rule Saudi Arabia (making it Salman Arabia) for much of this century.

The Saudis are spending huge sums on Public Relations.   CBS did it’s part just as MBS begins a never-before two-week jaunt throughout the U.S.   There is no doubt a major back-story to how this fluff piece came about and how much money has changed hands between those associated with and owning CBS and what backroom deals were made.  The Salmans couldn’t have asked for better propaganda; and this appeared to be a journalistic story from one of the premier American news programs.

There was a thin attempt to briefly raise issues involving human rights, Yemen, and the Crown Prince’s own extreme financial corruption — very thin.   But there was NOT A WORD about:

  • The unprecedented billions — more than 100 in fact — the Saudis are pumping into American war-arms manufacturers and the tremendous help they are providing to Trump.
  • The Saudi role in igniting and perpetuating the horrible Syrian Civil War.
  • The dastardly Saudi role in bringing about the military coup in Egypt and financing that junta police state.
  • How the Saudis have aided the royal Bahrainis sending their own troops and special forces into that land.
  • Israel with which MBS is now in alliance plotting with the Zionists and Neocons to control the region at any cost and to crush Iran one way or another.
  • Why and how the Saudis have threatened to take over Qatar by coup or force.
  • And why and how MBS has house arrested the former Crown Prince as well as his own mother.

And what should be of great importance to Americans, there was not a word about the extreme and still-expanding role the CIA, along with the Pentagon, in keeping the Saudis, as well as the Hashemites, in power, using all kinds of cut-outs and long on-the-take personalities and institutions.

The Middle East is today far more bloody and unstable than ever before in history; and headed toward a regional war far more devastating than any before.   MBS, now heading what he is transforming into Salman Arabia, has come to America for the next two weeks.  At least the “independent” media and academics should be focusing on all the things mentioned above rather than what the panoply of Saudi p.r. hacks are shoveling.


NRA – Terror has many faces

18 03 2018

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Stephen Hawkings and BDS Week

17 03 2018

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A few years ago in 2013 Stephen Hawkings very publicly joined the BDS movement targeting the Israelis for their much worse-than-apartheid policies against the Palestinians.  The proper way for all of us to honor him upon his death is to follow in his footsteps.  And the PLO and PA should now take the lead as well as the opportunity to proclaim the week ahead STEPHEN HAWKINGS WEEK.

Beyond science, Hawkings was a major humanist personality, a la Einstein — transnational and inter-religious.    So next Friday Hawkings should be celebrated at Al Aksa, on Saturday some brave Israeli Jews should honor Hawkings at the Wailing Wall, and then on Sunday the venue should be The Church of the Holy Sepulchre — all in Al Quds, Yerushalayim, Jerusalem.

On all three days there should be tributes to Hawkings with banners and readings from his teachings about and warnings to humanity, which should include his reasons for becoming an advocate of BDS.   And on all three days persons from the other religious faiths should be invited and welcomed to the Muslim (Friday), Jewish (Saturday), and Christian (Sunday) sites which are all within quick walking distance of each other in the “Old” Walled City of Jerusalem.

CIA and MOSSAD False Flags Today Target RUSSIA

16 03 2018

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Ongoing at the moment think Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine…and the current lead news features against Russia emminating from the U.S. and U.K.     Many false flags are going on right now, probably including Russia in London.   That is not to say that all events labeled false flags are actually so however.   That’s just the point, some no doubt are actually real perpetrated by those who get blamed for them, thus creating a vortex of confusion and anxiety for the public.   Also in some cases those truly behind the false flags are not those who get blamed, for the real perpetrators have infiltrated others, sometimes enemies, whom they then trick, facilitate, and fund to do the dirty deeds through multiple layers of subterfuge.

In many cases, maybe most, we will never know for sure just what happened and who did it.    Think back to just a few of the better known turning-point historical events that were probably one way or another false flags with a clear purpose and pre-determined outcome — Gulf of Tonkin, Sinking the Maine, Reichstag Fire, JFK, MLK, Arafat, Operation Northwoods, and for many with considerable accumulated evidence in recent years, what might be the Mother of all False Flags, 9/11.

One key to determining who is really guilty — let’s use the civil proof burden “by a preponderance of the evidence” — is to examine motivation, timing and results.   Ask:  Who has the capabilities, who benefits, when do things happen, who seems to be prepared, how are the events used and manipulated, how are the cover-ups managed.

Right now the Neocons/Israelis/Saudis are desperately maneuvering to get the US intervening more in Syria and thus further preparing to take on Iran and Lebanon and Russia in the Middle East.  In Afghanistan the US is trying to block any rapproachement between Kabul Karzai and the Taliban.   All kinds of secret operations and far lower-level false flags seem to be going on in multiple countries and totally under the media radar.

In most cases — sometimes with help from the Brits, French, and even the Pakistani ISI and other regional intelligence services — it is the CIA and Mossad behind many of the false flags one way or another.   The very credo of the Mossad is “By Way of Deception”.   And the CIA has known from the start that controlling and funding journalists in Washington plus TV and movie makers in Hollywood lets them create perceptions which can be far more important than facts.

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BDS ‘YES’ said Stephen Hawkings!

16 03 2018


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Stephen Hawkings should be honored in Jerusalem

15 03 2018

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MESSAGE TO PLO!   Jerusalem!  Tomorrow Friday at Al Aksa and Sunday at Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Stephen Hawkings was one of the greatest international supporters of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, dignity, and independence.  In that capacity he was also one of the most prominent advocates and practitioners of BDS.

So tomorrow on Friday the Palestinians should honor Hawkings at Al Aqsa with leading Muslims and Christians in attendance as well as the most senior Fatah and Hamas leaders.  And then on Sunday that tribute should continue at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, again with Muslim and Christian leaders as well as Fatah and Hamas leaders, plus this time maybe a few prominent Israeli Jews and international guests also known for their support of Palestinian rights and advocacy of BDS.

Beyond honoring the sui generis Hawkings, with this bold effort the Palestinians could tremendously counteract the tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of organizations the Israelis now have working against BDS.   It’s a major historic opportunity, and yet it appears the PLO and PA are squandering it!

Shutting down RT and Sputnik and…

14 03 2018

Escalating Media Cold War Looms

Editorial cartoon on Putin and Obama

In the latest escalation today with Russia the Brits (guided by the Americans of course) among other things are trying to provoke Putin to restrict or expel BBC, VOA, Bloomberg, Carnegie, et. al., from Russia.   That’s the way they are going to further restrict and even close down RT and Sputnik.

The Russians have made tremendous progress in recent years in international media, gaining a considerable following and having considerable influence.   The Americans, especially since the Trumpees have taken over, have  RT and Sputnik et. al. in their gunsights and can’t wait for the excuse to take them down!