Not so Great America

19 05 2019

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China to take aim at Apple and Big Mac?

18 05 2019

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Time for China to play hardball?   How about some restrictions on Apple “technology” and sales, and on Big Mac/Kentucky Fried overweight indulgence?  Sure some in China will miss such American goodies; but most will be glad to see their China standing up to the American bully and besides there are plenty of alternatives these days to these American staples as Starbucks is already aware.

And, if the Trumpees rachet things up further, maybe it’s time to further restrict General Motors as well as it is selling more of some models now in China than it is back home!

U.S. declares war of civilizations against China

16 05 2019

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A high-ranking State Department official, it may have been Pompeo himself, has described China as “a really different civilization” and the first “great power competitor that is not Caucasian”.   Trump’s former Chief Strategist has screamed out in a major Washington Post Op Ed declaring that we are in an economic war with China in a “geopolitical struggle” against a “radical cadre of the Chinese Communist system”   The world is “half slave and half free” according to Steve Bannon and the super imperialist neocons, among whom is Trump’s current National Security Adviser Bolton.

Now that we’re in a real ideological and existential clash of civilizations, if you believe the rhetoric and threats of the Trumpees, expect the Chinese to step up their game and prepare for all eventualities, including War in the Pacific ignited in Taiwan or North Korea, and even limited world war fought with cyber and space weapons, in addition to economic bombs, and maybe even the final war Einstein and others warned about at the dawn of the nuclear age.

The Iranians, DPRK, Chinese and Palestinians are right

14 05 2019

American corporations perpetrate an economic form of imperialism.

The country to be trusted the least and feared the most is non other than the U.S.A.   In all the negotiations underway these days the Iranians, DPRK, Chinese, Palestinians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Yemenis, Iraqis and so many others are very right not to trust and to despise the Americans.   The “exceptional” country, going back to it’s origin days with the Indians and slaves, has a terrible history of deceit, treachery, lies, and broken agreements; not to mention extreme militarism with untold blood on its hands from it’s founding through this very day.

In the case of the Iranians for instance, not only have they scrupulously lived up to their  agreement, they have shown considerable restraint and tact in putting up with ongoing American attempts to undermine their 1979 revolution time and time again.  The Americans undid the earlier revolution of 1953 and then kept the brutal Shah in power till 1979 when he fled to them in exile.  Then the Americans and Israelis fomented the Iraqi invasion trying to topple the revolution in its early days and has tried plots and coups and sanctions ever since.

A few years ago the JCPOA agreement wasn’t made with the Americans alone, it was made with the world.   The major nations were all involved in the negotiations, and then the agreement was unanimously endorsed by the U.N. Security Council.   Furthermore, it is not Iran which has a vast stockpile of nuclear weapons in the region, but rather America’s super ally Israel, as well as neighboring Pakistan and India.

Iran deserves the thanks and protection in fact of everyone at this point.  What’s wrong with the U.N.?   Why is it not stepping forward to reinforce the JCPOA, condemn any country which violates it, and if the Security Council this time is blocked by the Americans, take this vital matter under the Uniting for Peace procedure to the General Assembly and at least demonstrate in the most visible ways possible that the U.S. is isolated, acting unlawfully, and most of the world will not stand for it!

Yes indeed more serious and forceful counter-measures are now needed in a world where the Americans are running wild even more than in the past, now fomented by the convergence of the extreme Neocons, Evangelicals, Zionists, imperialists, and militarists.   Tragically however this means that both Russia and China especially need to even further accelerate their own military capabilities to try to contain, deter, and if required counter-threaten the Americans.

Time for China to respond, but asymmetrically

13 05 2019

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China has more than $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasury Bonds.  Through serious historic fiscal mismanagement the Americans are in need of borrowing even more this year and in the years ahead.  The Trumpees want the Fed to keep interest rates super low not only to keep the U.S. economy artificially stimulated as the next Presidentiali election approaches, but also to keep the interest paid on the overall $22+ trillion debt low.

So China, it’s time to respond, and please do so in your usually low-key but firm way.  No need for any announcements in fact.   Just start slowly reducing your holdings of U.S. debt.   Do this in two ways.   First each month buy just a little less of new debt, just a few percent less every month.   Second as previous debt purchases run their course and mature no longer buy new debt to replace the old but rather slowly each month trickle debt redemption.

Taking these steps will slowly cause the cost of further U.S. borrowing, which is baked into Trump economics, to go up and will cause the interest paid on new U.S. debt to slowly increase.

Yes the Americans will further countermove.    But see this as an opportunity.   To be blunt about it, you can’t rely on the U.S. anymore.  The Americans are bringing about their own demise, so just let them.  There’s a whole big world out there.   Further expand your One Belt and One Road even faster.   Further your trade and investment relations with Europe and Russia and what we use to call “the third world”.   Find other countries -especially the UK, Germany, France, and Russia as well – for more of your students to go to universities.   Encourage your citizens to visit and tour countries other than the U.S.

Don’t do these things with a belligerent tone.   Do them quietly and politely but get on with this and let the Americans know China is not going to be bullied as they have gotten so spoiled to doing to everyone for so long.

And while you are at it, start buying more Iranian oil, work more closely with North Korea, and in coordination with your Russian ally take further steps in Venezuela and other Latin American and African countries as well.

Of course you’ve been forced by the Americans to considerably expand your military deterrent capabilities.   Expand that further as well.  But make sure not to get sucked into military conflicts in the Middle East or beyond your own close-to-home sphere of influence areas.  Soon, but not yet, you will have sufficient military power — which now also means cyber and space and covert capabilities — to deter the Americans from even war-gaming attacks on you.

And one more very important thing.   Please know that many Americans realize their own country needs to be held back and contained.  Yes we know you’ve got lots of problems of your own and we are rather concerned by the excessively repressive policies on your home front.  But right now we’re talking geo-politics and preventing world conflagration — so move calmly but firmly with regard to the dangerous and self-endangered U.S.A.

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America the Sick and Unbeautiful

13 05 2019

BOLTON – Extreme Neocon Zionist War Criminal

12 05 2019

Bottom Line:  On behalf of Israel, Adelson, the military-industrial complex, and the hard-line Neocons, Bolton is leading Trump into even worse unending wars with considerable help from Pompeo and the extreme Zionist Evangelicals.   Bolton, who could not get confirmed by the Senate for his temporary role at the U.N. years ago, would have a hard time getting confirmed for any major position even now and even with the Republican Senate, which is why he was put into the NSC job which does not require confirmation or accountability.