19 01 2017
Only three official Inaugural Balls, smallest number in memory.  Ball tickets for just $50.   Hotel rooms available and lots of unsold/rented Inaugural Dresses.  Rumors there may be more protestors than supporters!   That’s the reality of the Trump Inaugural…not many coming…though no doubt in the end he will hype/tweet it as “great and tremendous and wonderful”.   The protestors will be the greatest number in history for an Inaugural while the celebrants among the smallest numbers.   Trump is even now plugging “the bikers” who are coming to defend him from the protestors telling all they are really “tough guys” and seeming to suggest confrontation.  Things are so bad that the Trump/Pence people are taking to advertising on Facebook and social media with the following “sponsored content”:
Sponsored ·  Mike Pence  — Would you like an invite to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony?   President-elect Trump wants to personally invite you to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony. You will receive a limited edition, commemorative ticket as a keepsake to frame and remember this historic event. CLICK HERE to register for your tickets.
And today they are sending out emails far and wide (even to me!) urging people to come to the free and no-ticket-needed concert this afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial:

The 58th Presidential Inauguration

Join us TODAY at our kick-off to inauguration weekend, the Make America Great Again! Welcome Concert!  Performances by Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, and many more at 4:00 PM at the Lincoln Memorial. General Admission tickets are commemorative and not required for entry into the event.


17 01 2017

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DO NOT go to the Inaugural HILLARY!   Once again you have made the wrong decision.  This time there is still time to make the right one!

It’s because of you and yours that Trump is becoming POTUS and even now only 40% of Americans approve — the fewest ever for an incoming President.   DO NOT compound that by being part of his coronation.   It’s well enough that as a former President Bill will go.   But even he should only do the minimum being there just for the swearing in and departing.

If you are really understanding of what has happened, and why, and if you are really seeking redemption, as you should be, go instead to the protests.  And if you can’t bring yourself to do that on Inauguration day then at least do that the next day for the Women’s March.

But DO NOT try to have it both ways this time and once again  exhibit your undoing.  DO NOT go to the Inauguration one day and then to the Women’s March the next.

Please please Hillary show us that you really care and understand!  DO NOT go to the Inaugural!



TRUMP – Reality vs Psychopathy

16 01 2017

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“If he rips it up, we will burn it” – IRAN

“If he continues…Beijing will take off the gloves – CHINA

Iran and China now represent major historic problems for Trump and Associates.   If he does anything like what he has promised he will there will be immediate confrontation and crisis.    If he does not the psychopathic President will face other demons of his own.

With Iran it’s the “nuclear agreement” worked out so carefully over the past few years, with many countries and the U.N. endorsing it.

With China it’s Taiwan and the South China Sea…the Chinese even threatening a “military” clash.

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Obama’s Real Legacy

15 01 2017

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HOPE:  Gone (ok some will want to believe Faded)

CHANGE:  So much for the worse in too many ways

DOMESTIC LEGACY:   Not much lasting

FOREIGN POLICY LEGACY:   Obama morphed into Neocon-Facilitator


It won’t be easy for what are called progressives in the U.S. to ever seriously believe in HOPE AND CHANGE again.    But worst of all, the real legacy of Barack Obama, and it may be much more lasting this his own, is that whatever the excuses and reasons the failings and lies/distortions of Obama/Clinton/Dems brought to America and to the World TRUMP!

Trump Vs CHINA

13 01 2017

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“We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed.”   Testifying with very well-prepared answers before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Trump’s choice for Sec State added the other day that China’s building of islands and putting military assets on those islands was “akin to Russia’s taking Crimea” from Ukraine.

OK China.  No need to wait.  Indeed dangerous to wait now.  You must now speak and act firmly, right from the get go.   This is no longer the campaign.   Trump is no longer the candidate.   You are now dealing with a never before psychopathic American President and a Cabinet he has filled with anti-China officials in nearly all top positions.  From the Pentagon to the State Department to the National Security Adviser to the top economic positions in the American Government the U.S. is now led by the worst of its imperialists, militarists, super-hawks, and alt-right neocons.

And so you China need to stand up to the fulminating threatening bully.   Even so, do it with tact, with style, with diplomatic language for the most part and even with verbal restraint demonstrating the contrasts with the Americans.  But also find serious ways to show the Trumpies that China will not be bullied.   At the same time make sure your own military build-up substantially escalates and quickly.  Furthermore still make sure your own “soft power” build-up escalates quickly as well —  your recent steps with CCTV are in the right direction but need more and faster.

The best way now to prevent chaos and to prevent war in fact is to show the Americans that this time they have met their match.   You need demonstrate clearly and firmly to the Americans, in both word and deed, what you are made of.  It is they and their allies who have such a record of imperialistic militarism and killing/destruction around the world, not China.  Now when it comes to China and the Pacific the Americans need to be forced to realize that they will not prevail by threats and subterfuge and force, that this time they better find ways other than confrontation.

Dangerous power game in a world of super weapons of mass destruction from nukes to bio to space to cyber?   Indeed yes!    But it will be even more dangerous if you think you can just humor and reason with the new American tyrants.

Azmi Bishara Corrupted

11 01 2017

Among Palestinians the Bishara brothers are special.   One has long been in Israeli prison and sometimes wrongly thought of as a possible Palestinian Mandela.  The other is in exile in Qatar after serving in the Israeli Knesset.   It’s in Qatar that he has been seduced by the money and luxury…as long as he sticks to Palestinian affairs and the terribly harmful”peace process” and stays away from criticizing the Saudis or the Gulf even as they are in alliance with Israel and doing such terrible harm in Syria and Yemen and Bahrain and Libya and beyond.

But it’s in Washington where the Qataris (and the Saudis of course) have brought so much political/financial corruption for so long.   The latest is an organization Bishara funds via Qatar money of course called the Arab Center.   First horrible mistake:  Bishara hired a long-time slippery operative to head it, Khalil Jahshan.   He’s the same guy who years ago lead the National Association of Arab Americans (NAAA) in Washington to its destruction with millions of dollars unaccounted for and probably ending up in the pockets of Jahshan and crony friends.   The Arab Center’s latest con was a badly conceived lunch at the National Press Club which effectively turned Bishara into a front for the collaborating “Palestinian Authority” regime and the totally discredited Israeli puppet stooge Mahmoud Abbas.


9 01 2017

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Already Trump has appointed super hawks along with “Mad Dog” and “unhinged” and “extreme nationalist” Generals to top positions.   Already Trump has announced his intent for the greatest naval and military build-up since World War II.   Already Trump has publicly threatened China and North Korea and beyond using vile language and insulting gestures.

What’s ahead is an exceeding dangerous time in world affairs as the result of the Americans electing this super psychopathic narcissist militarist imperialist racist to be their President.   It is indeed reminiscent in too many ways of Germany in the early 1930s.   But this is a far more dangerous time in world history and today’s weapons are immensely more dangerous than then.   Einstein warned us about what was coming and how we might not survive.  Chomsky has termed the Trump Republican Party the most dangerous political organization in the history of mankind.

So if you are thinking no it’s not so bad and Trump and Company will moderate and be reasonable and not set the world on fire remember this:

Bush/Cheney came to power in 2000 saying America should not be the world policeman, the U.S. should not be constantly intervening in the affairs of other nations, that America should in fact be a much more humble nation concentrating on its own problems.

Then Obama came to office talking about ending all the ongoing wars,  freeing the world from the scourge of nuclear weapons, and bringing about peace in the Middle East…getting him a Nobel Peace Prize right from the get go (of course that should have been recalled a long time ago already!).

But just look at what Bush/Cheney and Obama/Clinton actually did!    And now get ready for….let me repeat….the super psychopathic narcissist militarist imperialist racist taking power in the insecure and lashing out “Divided” States of America!