PUTIN – MAN of the YEAR!

23 10 2016

It’s no contest really this year.  This week it’s Putin of Russia featured on the covers of THE ECONOMIST, THE NEW YORKER, and THE SPECTATOR among others.    TIME MAGAZINE “MAN OF THE YEAR” has already been selected (or should be), and rightly so.  As for Obama, what a disappointing even terrible failure.  He’s only up in the approval category because compared to Hillary and The Donald he’s more personally palatable.  As for incoming President Hillary, with the policies she is committed to she will be battling against half of her own country (with much of the other half skeptical and on guard) as well as most of the world.20161023_082139.jpg

Internet Take-Down: Trial Run or Warning?

22 10 2016

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Not long ago the plot on a very popular American TV drama was of a cyber hack of Air Force One that almost brought it down.  The Americans blamed the Russians.  So they took out the electricity grid in all of Moscow.  Then they found out they had wrongly targeted the Russians; but instead of confessing and atoning they instead blackmailed the Russian President into accepting what had happened.

Hmmmm….   Now in recent weeks we have Wikileaks quite seriously exposing and disrupting the Dem Party and Hillary…after all it had done before.  This time the Americans for real are blaming Russia while desperately attempting to imprison Wilileak founder Julian Assange plus also going after whistleblowers as never before.   Even a 4-Star top General who talked to a NYTime reporter thinking he was doing his job covering things up is being jailed since what he did inadvertently exposed the secret American/Israeli cyber weapon known as  stuxnet.  Near panic, the Americans want everyone everywhere, friend and foe, to be afraid and clam up!

Earlier this month both VP Biden and Sec State Kerry quite publicly threatened to cyber attack Putin personally as well as Russia.  Within days Assange in London was accused of being a Russian agent, his internet was cut off, and strange things have begun to happen throughout cyberspace…no doubt most of which we don’t yet know anything about.

Hmmmmm…  Could it be that with yesterday’s big nation-wide day-long partial internet rolling outage that the Russians are telegraphing that they can fight back.    Maybe it’s a test run, maybe a counter-threat, maybe jnust a small demonstration of capabilities?   Or maybe like in the TV drama false fingers point to the Russians when it’s really some other country or even a rogue operation of some kind trying to create havoc and wanting the Americans and Russians to be focused on each other when it’s really others testing and preparing.

The new era of Cyber Warfare is now part of the age of the Internet and Globalization.

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21 10 2016

Americans for Peace Now

The U.N. Security Council recently held an unusual not official session dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.  Looked at closely what happened is another example of how harmful and hypocritical the organization known as Peace Now is.    Americans for Peace Now has in fact made a big thing in recent days about how they presented testimony at this UN event along with an Israeli human rights organization.   BUT what the Peace Now people do not reveal and try oh-so-hard to cover up is the following:

  • They lobbied hard for the session to be limited to discussion of Israel settlements in the West Bank; even though the facts of this are already well-known and just a quick google away, and even though nearly everyone in the world including the U.S. government is opposed to such “illegal” settlements in “occupied” or  “disputed” territories.
  • Through their efforts APN — in coordination with the US Government — helped prevent the really major issues from being discussed now or in a coming new UNSC Resolution.   Not on the table thanks to APN and USG — also in coordination with the quisling Abbas “Palestinian Authority”:  escalating  arrests, torture, extrajudicial killings and assassinations, that Gaza is the largest prison in the world, plus most of all the escalating worse-than-apartheid realities throughout “occupied territories” and Jerusalem.
  • The Peace Now people vociferously refuse any discussion of “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” and constantly blackball any organizations or persons who support BDS and other strong sanctions against Israel.
  • No credible and independent Palestinians were invited to speak even though of course it is the Palestinians whose land and freedoms are being constantly taken from them and have the most at stake.   Once again, thanks to APN, well-funded Zionist propagandist Jews were the main speakers representing organizations that in other forums call for more super weapons and more billions to be provided yearly to Israel in ever greater amounts so “The Jewish State” will be “secure”.

What’s going on these days is in preparation to make sure that whatever Resolution the Obama Administration might support at UNSC after the Hillary election will be of little consequence and in no way sanction or even seriously pressure Israel other than once again be a wrist slap about settlements.

In short, PEACE NOW is a very harmful, deceptive, and duplicous Zionist Organization constantly used and manipulated by leading Israelis as well as the U.S. Government with which it constantly coordinates.    In recent years I’ve focused at times on APN, explaining in past columns why it is what it is and why serious persons should shun it and urge others to do so.    Many of those columns are at:



Hillary the Facilitator?

21 10 2016

Did Hillary act as Bill’s facilitator far beyond her role as wife and confidant and First Lady of Arkansas as well as the White House?   There is much testimony and evidence that she did so.   And not just when it came to Bill’s sexual transgressions — there are numerous unexplained quasi-criminal financial affairs and even a few mysterious deaths of key persons over the years.  Yes she is still the lesser of evils at the moment….but think about all that.


The far more dangerous Hillary role as Facilicator though is with regards to the Neocons.   Somewhat restrained by Obama Hillary as POTUS will see a somewhat closet Neocon in the Oval Office and key crafty Neocons in key positions of power in the National Security Council, Department of State, and beyond.

Mosul today – Syria, Lebanon, Gaza…and Iran…Ahead!

20 10 2016

The Israelis are just loving it!   Iraq was done for them by the US.  Syria is being done for them by the Saudis and Turks and Gulf countries, of course with the US making it all possible and orchestrating everything.   The West Bank and Jerusalem are under Israeli control also thanks to the US  via the quisling PA with assistance from EU countries.    Junta Egypt and Hashemite Jordan are in Israel’s camp; and the Saudis and Gulf countries are moving closer and closer into covert and strategic alliance with the Jewish State.   They’ve even got Turkey back in their clutches.

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Israel’s real problem is Iran and Lebanon and to a far lesser extent Gaza.  Of course should there ever be a resurgence of the “Arab Spring” and Arab/Muslim populism that could seriously change things for the Israelis, but that’s no longer likely in the foreseeable future.

The Israelis and Saudis remain determined to get control one way or another of Damascus.   The big issue for them isn’t so much Syria itself but rather how Syria connects and empowers the opposition to Israel and Zionism, as well as the Shia world, from Tehran to Beirut and beyond.  The Israelis are in a sense all-powerful now; and yet they are aware how much disgust, hate and desires for revenge they have created among Arabs and Muslims, not to mention worldwide as symbolized by the growth of the BDS Movement.

In the future, if and when the Israelis take on Hezbollah and Iran and Gaza in what could be a tremendously bloody conflict for control of the region they will remind the world of the death and destruction the Americans brought about in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and beyond.  That even greater war orgy lies ahead…but the preparations are well underway and Barack Obama has done so much as Neocon Facilitator leaving it to others in the future to use the super weapons he has provided primarily to Israel, Saudis, and Gulf countries but also to Jordan, Egypt and Turks.


19 10 2016

 His plane is bigger and looks better, but he truly is psychopathic and narcissistic in the extreme.  The entire establishment class in the USA is not only with Hillary they are aghast and working overtime against The Donald.    From Hollywood to the Media Mainstream to even the Republican establishment and the Neocons they are all not just routing for Hillary but actively working for her and courting her.    The real reason for this is they all know Hillary is a team player and it’s their team, whereas Trump is a wildcard from the outside who owes them nothing and might even try to revamp the entire system without them.

Meanwhile, there are so many struggling, frightened, and embittered Americans now fed up with the establishment class they are themselves rallying around the billionaire tycoon huckster.  They are doing so precisely because he is an outside, precisely because they can say through supporting Trump a plague on all of you establishment types be gone.

The establishment will prevail once again in a few weeks, and underpinning it the “deep state” which really runs the show will continue.   But even so the very fabric of American “democracy” itself has been considerably weakened and maybe is even unraveling.   The years ahead with Clinton Presidency #2, on top of a continuance of the Obama Presidency, are going to be extremely difficult ones indeed.   The may yet be a  Trump-like “Make America Great Again” “strong man” in the American future…just not POTUS right now.

NO thanks Bibi – What Bullshit

18 10 2016

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The following is what Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said as his Rosh Hashanah greeting.   It’s tragic enough that this guy speaks for Israel.  But his attempts to speak for “the Jewish People” and on behalf of “democracy” and “justice” and “truth” are truly flabbergasting as well as Orwellian.

On YouTube – https://youtu.be/mVbFRbthZFo

“On this Rosh Hashanah, I send warm greetings from Jerusalem to all the Jews
around the world.

Rosh Hashanah marks a Jewish new year.

It’s a time for celebration, a time for reflection.

But this year, Rosh Hashanah falls just days after a sad day. Shimon Peres,
Israel’s 9th president has just passed away.

Shimon was a man of vision and optimism.

And I think Shimon would want us to celebrate Rosh Hashanah this year by
looking back with pride and looking forward with hope.

Israel has much to be proud of.

Our democracy is thriving.

Our economy is growing.

Our relations around the world are getting stronger.

As Shimon was, I am extremely hopeful about our future.

Israel will continue working for peace.

We’ll continue expanding opportunity for all our citizens.

We’ll continue to be a beacon of light and freedom in a dark and repressive

On this Rosh Hashanah, I ask Jews around the world to remain hopeful and
continue pursuing justice and truth.

This is the story of the Jewish people.

This is the story of the State of Israel.

Shanah tovah to all of you.”