JEWS RULE AMERICA?   Read to the end :)

10 02 2016

American politics is so interesting, confusing, and corrupted from within.   That explains both Sanders and Trump.   Sanders represents the cleansing of big corporate military lobbying money from politics so sought after not just by the Dem left but the center base and especially the young.   Trump represents the speak-it-straight get-it-done simple demogoguery of today’s combined Neo-con Evangelical oh-so-fearful Republican core.

Desperate Hillary, it has already leaked out, will now play the Israel card among others — after all her biggest financier is Haim Saban and there’s lots more Jewish, Israeli-connected, so-called liberal money and media hype to be had.    She can’t play the hard-line tough-guy anti-Iran liberal-neocon cards straight up as that would only alienate the dem core even more.   Plus she’ll have to add a few more dance steps proving to Haim and others that she’s still their best bet while keeping one of her top advisers, Sidney Blumenthal, in the background as his son Max has become one of the most prominent and out-spoken anti-Israeli personalities in recent years.   She’ll also have to keep the guy who orchestrated Bill’s second term,  and use to be one of the Clintons’ top strategists and confidants, off her back, as Dick Morris has become one of the most fierce Clinton attack dogs.

Did I say, in addition to confusing and corrupted, interesting?

Meanwhile Trump is on a role and he has clearly been coached how to adjust his demeanor and act more Presidential while retaining his positional brashness.    He now knows that with a weakened, even crippled, Hillary as his opponent, or better yet the aging socialist liberal Jew Sanders, he could actually become President — something even he probably never really thought possible just a few months ago!   Trump’s nemesis however could be another New York tycoon billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who rightly sees there may well be two flawed and vulnerable candidates from two polarized parties and a chance for him to put just one or two of his $39 billion fortune to historic use!

Imagine a three-way American Presidential race pitting two Jews against a megalomaniac Christian fanatic whose top daughter, by the way, has become an orthodox Jew herself!



9 02 2016

Hillary’s latest money scam is called the Hillary Victory Fund.   This time it’s not her official campaign calling, rather she’s hired calling firms so she can disown the scam which goes like this.

Hillary and the Dem Party have turned over their phone lists and you get called from the Hillary Victory Fund, which you are told it is a joint fund sponsored by the Dem Party, many Dem State Parties, as well as Hillary.   Then if you appear hesitant you get told the money will be used for Sanders if he wins the nomination and so even if you have contributed before to Hillary or not you should now contribute to the Victory Fund!

If you ask a few questions and for the website  they tell you the website for the Fund is  If you do a little research you find out that half of the funds raised go to her campaign, the other half to the national or state parties which are clearly in bed with Hillary and doing all they can to push Sanders under.   And if you check out an NPR feature about what’s going on you find out that this is Hillary’s latest way of skirting the campaign finance law limitations and actually allowing individuals to give as much as $700,000 each to the various tentacles of the Hillary Victory Fund scam!

Meanwhile, back on the phone call…keep asking questions and you keep getting illusive and contradictory answers.  Ask for the supervisor and you a smooth-talking type  who quickly apologizes, tells you the caller was mistaken about this and that, especially with regard to Sanders, and as we speak is being “retrained”.  Then low and behold the phone calls you had been getting daily are no more.

This is the same Dem Party btw that refuses to allow the vote totals for the Iowa caucuses claiming “that’s not the way they do it”.   But they did give the exact numbers back in 2008!  Aha!

Freedom for Assange!

5 02 2016

The U.S. has succeeded in frightening all who might want to leak war crimes and other secrets — i.e., become whistleblowers — by what it has done to Julian Assange.    The U.S. also tried very hard to get Edward Snowden, but thanks to Russia and Putin has not succeeded.   This is the context in which a recent U.N. tribunal ruling that Assange should not only be free to go to Ecuador as a political refugee but deserves compensation for what has been done to him.   As is often the case, however, the U.N. is right but lacks the power to make happen what is right.

File photo dated 18/08/14 of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention considers that the various forms of deprivation of liberty to which Julian Assange has been subjected constitute a form of arbitrary detention,” the group’s head, Seong-Phil Hong, said in a statement.

Smelly Hillary?

4 02 2016

Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party.  That’s the headline today from Iowa’s major newspaper, The Des Moines Herald, which had actually endorsed Hillary.  OK, they talked about a smelly Dem Party, not directly Hillary.  But then everyone knows the Clintons and their big money backers, including Haim Saban of Israeli fame and Wall Street, own today’s Dem Party.    Bernie Sanders wasn’t even an official member until a few months ago and hasn’t himself voted in Democratic primaries.

If the party, and Hillary, have nothing to hide, they would have simply said by now ok here’s all the info about Monday’s primary including the vote totals and how the coin tosses (that all went to Hillary with a statistical probably of less than 2% it could happen fairly) were done.    That the Party says NO, NO, NO and denies the smell so many others are picking up suggests the fix is in rumors may well be true!

Is the 21st Human Century maybe the last?

3 02 2016


While we’re all so busy with our current lives, problems, politics, the whole future of the planet, and of humanity itself, is now in doubt.    Einstein gave similar but not so dire warnings.  Hawkins has rightly upped both the magnitude and the timescale of human eclipse and maybe self-destruction right now in the 21st Century.  The article  where Hawkings, probably the world’s most celebrated theoretical physicist identifies artificial intelligence (AI), nuclear war and genetically-engineered viruses as the major man-made problems that pose an imminent threat to humanity is at the top of WashReport today.

Hillary Protected by DOJ Firewall of DEM Women

31 01 2016

The FBI will seek criminal indictments of Hillary and top staffers who did the classified info transfers.  But in anticipation of any such problems the Justice Department has been staffed at the top levels by women loyal to the Dem Party and Hillary.   At most she will get off with misdemeanor charges which will one way or another be negotiated away to some kind of wrist slap.   The New York Post has the most insightful short article about all this and it’s at the top of WashReport today.  From it this brief quote:

“Any criminal referral to the Justice Department from the FBI “will have to go through four loyal Democrat women” — Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, who heads the department’s criminal division; Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. Even if they accept the referral, he says, the case quickly and quietly will be plea-bargained down to misdemeanors punishable by fines in a deal similar to the one Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, secured for Gen. David Petraeus. In other words, a big slap on the wrist.”

HILLARY and Huma FBI Targets

30 01 2016


Should Clinton's aides turn over their emails to the FBI?

In the weeks ahead the FBI Director may resign and/or The Attorney General may be forced out.   Hillary’s email National Security Scandal is not going away.  The FBI wants her indicted.  Justice and the White house want her protected.  Either way it’s already clear that, knowingly or not, she and Human were handling some of the nation’s most “Top Secret” and “Compartmentalized” info on the unsecure Clinton  “home email server”.  Quite like the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, and others may have hacked in, and in fact it has to be presumed they did.

If ever a situation called for an independent Special Prosecutor this is one.   The President has clearly compromised himself more than once trying to let Hillary off the hook.   Last week he send his Press Secretary out appearing to speak for the FBI when in fact he has no license to do so and what he said was wrong and infuriated those in the FBI who know, but cannot say, that both Hillary and her top assistant Huma are in fact being investigated for their role in EMAILGATE or should we call it SECURITYGATE.

While the Kerry/Obama State Department has held back and delayed damning information about what Hillary and Huma  did, whatever their reasons and intentions, DOS was forced on Friday to at least admit it was not going to release some of the court-ordered and expected emails because they contained “Top Secret” info.

Despite the specific legal terminology, Hillary and Huma have been for some time now targets of a major 100+man FBIplus investigation that it just happens is coming to a close with a strong indictment recommendation at this critical time in the election cycle.  Expect fireworks ahead!



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