24 04 2015


Yesterday the former 4-Star General and CIA Director got a mild legal wrist slap rather than prison time.  Unlike the principled and courageous CIA and NSA whistle-blowers who leaked damning classified materials to the public and ended up behind bars, Petraeus is making a fortune in the private sector trading on all his top-secret insider info some of which he leaked to his sultry biographer mistress resulting in his legal hassles.  The clearly political deal to let him go with a token fine and rather meaningless probation once again shows how compromised and politicized the American court system actually is.

Earlier this month I had dinner with Petraeus.  I sat right next to him for a few hours, able to listen him and observe him up close.   Indeed it was a rare close encounter with someone from a kind of parallel universe.   There can be no doubt Petraeus is a highly intelligent, amazingly energetic, super accomplished, and exceedingly knowledgeable uber man.   He doesn’t really hide his extreme narcissism, rather he uses abundant well-practiced charm and authority to mask it.

To many Petraeus is in fact a major military genius and giant war hero.  He comes across most of the time as a take-charge, get-things-done, usually soft-spoken, know-something-about-everything, guy.   It should be remembered though that he is actually quite neo-conish both in worldview and associations.   He was after all the General Bush and Cheney leapfrogged over many others to wage their grotesque wars on the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan.   His military resume is full of much daring-do and quantum methods of how to vanquish the enemy with fear and co-optation as well as death and destruction.

To others, including leading intellectuals like Chomsky and many students at universities where he now drops by to teach classes at times, if judged by the policies he has promoted and the acts he has committed, David Patraeus fits the classical definition of war criminal.   But then there is no entity capable of investigating and rendering such a judgement in a world still so America-centric.

Professor Richard Falk, who taught both Petraeus and myself when we went to the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, is someone I will definitely be asking more about Petraeus at the next opportunity.   I happened to bump into Falk at the National Press Club where he spoke just a few hours before the Petraeus dinner.  I asked him if he’d like to come and say hello to his other former student.  It was so fortuitous I thought that Falk just happened to be in Washington that day.  But Falk politely declined saying he doubted he would be welcome.   During dinner I asked Petraeus about Falk.  He had laudatory things to say but then emphasized that he and Falk saw the world in totally different ways.  Petraeus as well declined to be put back in touch with his old distinguished Professor of International Law and Human Rights.  He understandably much prefers the company of those who fawn over him and obey, even though he is no longer at the top of the chain of command.

CIA Killed Marilyn Monroe? And what about JFK?

23 04 2015

Hollywood Actress Marilyn Monroe

Is the death-bed confession of a long-time CIA hit-man true?

“We had evidence that Marilyn Monroe had not only slept with Kennedy, but also with Fidel Castro. My commanding officer, Jimmy Hayworth, told me that she had to die, and that it had to look like a suicide or an overdose. I had never killed a woman before, but I obeyed orders … I did it for America! She could have transmitted strategic information to the communists, and we couldn’t allow that! She had to die! I just did what I had to do!”

Dying CIA Agent, Normand Hodges

     Monroe died at home in her bedroom on August 5, 1962 between midnight and 1:00 AM. the CIA-hitman Hodges says that, while Marilyn was asleep, he snuck into her bedroom and injected the Hollywood actress with a huge dose of the barbiturate, Nembutal, combined with a powerful sedative known as chloral hydrate.

     Whether this particular assassination story is true or not, it is not likely Marilyn Monroe died of a self-taken overdose.   Nor is is likely JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone.   The involvement of secret highest-level elements within the CIA has long been rumored, and I personally know one very high-ranking CIA official, now in retirement, who spent his career disbelieving the rumors but now does believe them.

The US/Israel “Myth” of Iranian Nuclear Weapons

22 04 2015

In a televised address to a group of military commanders, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has denounced the US saying American leaders were “methodically and shamelessly threatening” Iran militarily.  He charged that the U.S. is creating the “myth” about Iranian nuclear weapons so “they could say the Islamic Republic is a source of threat”.   He added: “The source of threat is America itself.”

Khamenei is right.  The U.S. has surrounded Iran with more than 45 military and CIA bases throughout the region.  This has been done in a carefully prepared process actually instigated by Israeli and Zionist Neocon pressures over a long period of time.  Obama has been able to manage so far from preventing the fuse being lite, but even so he has sent vast more arms to the region including huge stocks of pre-positioned U.S. weapons in Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, as well as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.



YEMEN – It’s another U.S. Middle East War

21 04 2015

Featured ImageI

It’s called a “Saudi-led war” and the client-regime Arabs now have a kind of Army.  It’s not an Army to deal with the Israelis.  Rather it’s an army to keep their corrupt repressive dictatorship regimes in power — most especially the Saudis, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, as well as Egypt and Jordan.

But it’s really another American war in the Middle East in the Obama era.  The arms are Americans, the training is American, the airplanes and bombs are American, the targets are American-selected, the naval armada is American, the regional Armies are in effect U.S. proxy and mercenary forces.   Just about everything in fact is American except for the nationality of the pilots and in this particular case much of the money which comes from the Saudis and GCC countries.

Furthermore, once again the U.S. is using all of its propaganda capablities, as well as its clout and spymanship at the U.N., to gets its way and hoodwink many.   Despite differences in style and tactics and priorities, it is the US along with its two top strategic allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, that is now bombing and destroying another country, Yemen this time,after imposing such a fate on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and beyond.   Don’t just think this year or last, think the last few decades and then think back further a hundred years to the beginning of the “modern-era” in the Middle East, the Peace to End All Peace in Paris in 1919 and a few years before that Sykes -Picot.

Haim Saban is the Dems Sheldon Adelson – both Superrich and Dually-loyal

20 04 2015

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) arrives to speak with Israeli-American media tycoon Haim Saban about negotiations with Iran in Washington December 7, 2013. (Photo: James Lawler Duggan/Reuters)

Both of the political parties that make up the Power Elite and control the United States have been totally infiltrated and corrupted by super-rich dually-loyal American Jews.

Haim Saban is the Sheldon Adelson of the Democrats.  After he essentially bought the crucial Middle East program of the Brookings Institution, it took them a decade to manage to take his name off the door just a few years ago.  But Saban still controls things at Brookings, the premier Dem Party think-tank, via his network of highly-paid Jewish sub-agents, Martin Indyk at the top of that list.   And he, along with a few others super wealthy Jewish hustlers, continue to control the Dem Party through their big money funding.   Saban has himself even joked with journalists how his passion is doing everything possbie for Israel with his super wealth and the resultant political connections.

More as always at WashReport and MiddleEast.org.

IRAN Leaders Warn Saudis

19 04 2015

Featured Image

Iran’s President Rouhani has just said the following about the Saudi role in today’s Middle East:   “What does bombing the innocent…Yemeni people mean? What goals are you pursuing? Will killing children bring power to you? You planted the seeds of hatred in this region and you will see the response sooner or later.   Don’t bomb children, elderly men and women in Yemen. Attacking the oppressed will bring disgrace … for the aggressors….  What does providing financial assistance and weapons to terrorists in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq mean?”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already called the Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen “genocide” and a “major crime.”

Iran has presented a four-point plan to end the conflict that includes humanitarian aid, dialogue and the formation of a broad-based Yemeni unity government after a proposed cease-fire.  It has been totally rejected by the Saudis who are being armed and provided ciritical intelligence information and military support by the United States as well as Egypt and the Gulf countries.

Jewish Lobby Controls Key SANCTIONS POWER at Treasury Dept

18 04 2015


Soon-to-be Treasury undersecretary will be third Jew to fill post

(TIMES of ISRAEL)   President Barack Obama nominated Adam Szubin to be the top Treasury official monitoring sanctions compliance.   Szubin, nominated Thursday to be undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes, would if confirmed by the US Senate be the third Jewish undersecretary in the role.  He would follow David Cohen, who early this year became deputy director of the CIA, and Stuart Levey, who shaped the office’s role in enforcing Iran sanctions as an undersecretary who straddled the Bush and Obama administrations, from 2004-2011…  In 2002, he helped found DC Minyan, an Orthodox congregation based on egalitarian principles.


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