28 05 2015

He’s the former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, the organization in charge of disaster relief.  Joe Allbaugh was on BBC News America today denying Global Warming and Climate Change!   Shame on him (damn him actually), as well as the tragically corrupted BBC News, American version, that keeps trying harder and harder to cater to its American financial and political sponsors.  Rather than leading and educating, BBC, most especially the American version, has increasingly reduced itself to fund-raising and becoming a mouthpiece for the American political and military establishment as its choice of guests from the Pentagon, State Department, and corrupted “think-tanks” makes more and more evident daily.

Super Narcissist Saudi Royals Destroying Mohamed’s Mecca

25 05 2015

“The city is turning into Mecca-hattan,” says Irfan Al-Alawi, director of the UK-based Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, which campaigns to try to save what little heritage is left in Saudi Arabia’s holy cities. “Everything has been swept away to make way for the incessant march of luxury hotels, which are destroying the sanctity of the place and pricing normal pilgrims out.” asdf

Read the full article about this at MiddleEast.Org today.

Obama goes to Shul and Screws Up Again

24 05 2015

Last Friday Pres Obama went to Shul…to the Adas Israel Synagogue in my neighborhood in Washington, D.C,…a Shul with the same name as that where I was bar mitzvahed in Duluth, Minnesota.

He went there to kind of make up with the Jewish community so said the pundits, urge support for the two-state solution, so he said (even though it is deceased), and to all but beg for support for a deal with Iran, so I am saying.

Doing so he made a fool of himself once again though I’ve see no such comment from anyone in the corporate “establishment” media that covered his shul visit extensively and live on TV.

During his speech Obama singled out former Israelis leaders for praise — none other than Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan!  In doing so he chose precisely two of Israel’s leaders who began the policies of expansion, settlements, and a loud NO to any Palestinian State!  These were also among the top Israeli leaders who began Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program.   Once again it seems Obama’s Jewish Zionist Israel-approved advisers screwed their own President!

Then Obama made reference to Palestinian children living in Ramallah who deserve to have a better future.   But the real problems for Palestinian children are least of all in the Potemkin-village of Ramallah — home to the U.S. armed and financed “Palestinian Authority” and a very false sense of normalcy.  Clearly Obama should have been making reference to the far more impoverished and far more endangered Palestinian children in Gaza or the many Palestinian refugee camps. But once again Obama lacked the courage to mention those places.

US, Saudis, Israelis promoted rise of ISLAMIC STATE!

23 05 2015

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What is now called ISIS — highly organized and committed radical Islamic warriors now rampaging throughout the Levant — was just a few years ago being encouraged and promoted by the US along with Saudi Arabia and Israel.  The Jewish State of course has been trying to mask it’s involvement at the insistence of both Washington and Riyadh as well as for its own self-interest.  The same neo-con forces that led the charge into Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 — their knowledge and involvement in that “New Pearl Harbor” still mysterious and unacknowledged — have been behind this further pillage and fragmentation of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Having set the Middle East on fire, having violently brought down regimes in Baghdad, Kabul, and elsewhere in the region, having undermined the Arab Spring, the U.S. and its main allies — the Israelis and the Saudis — was determined to bring down the Baath regime in Damascus, then Hezbollah in Lebanon, and then to have the stage set for dealing with isolated and surrounded Iran once and for all.

That was the situation just a few years ago as Assad in Damascus was being successfully supported by both the Iranians and the Russians.  This was the situation that caused encouragement and support for far more radical Islamic forces that it was thought could do the dirty bloody work for the Americans and their allies, and then be co-opted, controlled, or themselves destroyed.

Thus the origins and rise of ISIS which the Americans and their friends have now lost control over much as was the case in years past with the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah as a result primarily of US and Israeli policies in the not so distant past.

See recently declassified court-ordered Pentagon and CIA documents – MiddleEast.Org and

NYTIMES screws with readers once again

22 05 2015

Hegemony or Survival.jpg

The New York Times, Jewish/Zionist owned and controlled it needs be said despite the screams and denunciations against those who try hard to connect the dots, has done it again.  Remember now, this is the “newspaper of record” that among so many other misdeeds and Israeli-centric spins, led the charge into Iraq with utterly false and duplicitous “reporting”.

Yesterday, in an article about the U.S. government’s latest twist about what was found when bin Laden was assassinated, the NYTimes mentioned easy to discredit books but refused to mention the really important ones.   These just happen to be, surprise surprise, among the books and authors the old “Gray Lady” continually keeps its readers away from.  The book by Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival, and the books by David Ray Griffin, including The New Pearl Harbor, are the biggies said to be found on bin Ladin’s reading list, but they were totally omitted from the New York Times story.

Bin-Laden himself believed 9/11 was false flag NEW PEARL HARBOR

21 05 2015

In this April 1998 file photo, Osama bin Laden is seen in Afghanistan. (AP photo)

In the last days of his life, Osama bin Laden realized that the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were an inside job, and were not carried out by al-Qaeda militants, according to newly released US intelligence documents.

Indeed it is more likely than not what happened on 9/11 was the mother of all false flag operations.

As always links to the complete articles and information I refer to in my writings are at and       Use the calendar to go back to previous days.

China and the U.S – Frendemies

20 05 2015

The Internet is the most important front in China’s ideological battle against “Western anti-China forces”, the country’s military newspaper said on Wednesday, adding that online controls were essential to the government’s survival.    Calls to reject Western thought and values have grown stronger under President Xi Jinping, who has urged more “ideological guidance” at universities and the study of Marxism.

This is how a Reuters article today, dateline Beijing, begins.   It’s at as are most things I refer to in my writings.    A non-shooting war with various economic, political, ideological, monetary, covert, and media dimensions is already well-underway.  Add to this the escalating military bulld-up by both parties, primarily provoked by the U.S. it needs to be said.  Add to this the public and no doubt even more private warnings and threats that are themselves increasing.   And as a result we have today, and will have even more in the future it appears, a dangerous combustible situation prone to being ignited by accident or miscalculation even if not by conscious decision.


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