The 15 Killers – 1 already dead!

18 10 2018

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There is need for immediate international intervention. The blame that this is not happening is on Trump/Kushner/Pompeo.   It’s another egregious case of “obstructing justice” and “collusion”, this time for and conspiring with MBS.

Where is the 15-member hit squad, including the senior autopsy expert who brought his own bone saw and told everyone to listen to music as he cut up Khashoggi still alive?!  We already know one of the hit squad is dead in a “suspicious” Riyadh car accident.

Where are the others?   Why did Pompeo not demand to have U.S. Embassy and FBI persons he could have brought with him meet with any of them?  Why did Pompeo not get the King and MBS to assure him that nothing would happen to them?   Why in fact did Pompeo not demand an immediate international investigation into the killing of this prominent journalist and American resident.   Why is Kushner in hiding while Trump and Pompeo are actually acting as the mouthpiece for the Saudis and engaging in this coverup conspiracy?

And…why did the Turks allow the Saudi Consul General to run to Riyadh two days ago  after he may have personally witnessed the Khashoggi torture and macabre dismemberment?   In such a case Diplomatic Immunity should have at least been suspended and he should not have been allowed to depart just hours before additional searches of his Consulate and Residence were to begin.   Did Pompeo on the scene play any role in this?


The al-Sauds are Cracking

18 10 2018

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Totally Fallacious, Utterly Unbelievable, Scandalously CoverUp

17 10 2018

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The Saudis have taken all this time because they desperately want to know what evidence is out there that could upend the totally fallacious and utterly unbelievable story they have to spin one way or another.   Plus time to bribe, pay-off, frame, others to protect MBS at any and all costs.

Just Tuesday they managed to find a deniable way to wire $100 million to the U.S. Treasury just as Pompeo landed in Riyadh, Trump proclaimed “Rogue Killers, and the Treas Sec is deciding whether or not to attend next weeks falling-apart “Davos in the Desert”.

Having no real way out of this one they will are about to try verbal magic:

“Botched Interrogation” they, with Trump/Kushner/Pompeo foolery, are expected to say.   Yet there was no intention of any interrogation.  Khashoggi was quickly grabbed, forced on a table, tortured, his fingers cut off, injected to stop his screams, beheaded, and quickly bone-sawed into pieces with everything ready to go including music…all in seven minutes!

“Roque Killers” they, with Trump/Kushner/Pompeo connivance are expected to say.   Yet The 15 -member kill team came on official Saudi private planes arriving just before the murder and departing just after…and many of the perpetrators can be traced directly to the Crown Prince personally.

“Full and Complete and Transparent investigation”, they, with Trump/Kushner/Pompeo nonsense, are expected to say.   In reality, it is a badly botched coverup as they scrubbed, bleached and painted the killing areas for nearly two weeks before letting anyone in; and even then the very morning of the search an additional cleaning squad could be seen frantically entering the Consulate with piles of cleaning materials.   And before the Saudi Consul had his immunity lifted so he could be arrested, even though he was present at the killing, some deal was made with the Turks to let him flee.

All this time must be also being used to try to buy-off and threaten any and everyone.

  • The Turks will be offered anything to keep the audio/video tapes and whatever else they have from getting out…or allow it to be doctored.
  • Top Saudi Security Officials will be promised anything to lie about MBS involvement and threatened with anything including the demise of their family and friends.
  • The Saudis will do anything, pay any amount, make any internal threats to give any possible credence to the notion it could have been, just maybe, some kind of horrible mistake, some kind of awful misunderstanding.
  • Trump and Kushner will be offered personally by MBS, no one else knowing, anything down the road to help make the coverup even minuscule credibility.
  • And you can bet Kushner is getting the best help and advice from the Mossad, for his extreme “dual-loyalty” is coupled with Netanyahu’s utter determination to get the war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon ignited with POTUS Trump’s imprimatur.

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BOTH Crown Princes have GOT TO GO

17 10 2018

(Washington – 17 Oct 2018)   The Israelis knew from the start that with POTUS Trump they could use their long-time radical Zionist “dually loyal” Trump son-in-law as their “operative”. For years, as they have done with other wealthy well-connected American Jews, they had helped him build his fortunes and groomed him for just such a day.

Jared Kushner was immediately told to do everything possible to get MBS in line of succession as Crown Prince. Sure enough, the former Crown Prince was replaced by MBS in an unprecedented palace coup six months after Trump entered the White House, quite likely with considerable assistance from CIA and Mossad. Then starting a few months later, Kushner personally went to Riyadh a number of times to provide MBS with super top-secret intelligence intercepts of those in the Royal Family and beyond, no doubt including Khashoggi, who questioned what MBS was doing, giving him U.S. assurances (and encouragement) he could do whatever he wanted and the U.S. had his back. That’s went MBS started boasting he has Kushner “in his pocket” and made a secret visit to Israel. That’s also when the mass disappearances, arrests, even torturing members for the Royal Family, all greatly escalated…and led this month to Khashoggi’s horrible death and dismemberment within a few minutes of his stepping into the Istanbul Consulate by MBS’s henchmen who he personally dispatched.

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“This guy is a wrecking ball….He is toxic and can never be a world leader on the world stage.”

This public statement yesterday castigating MBS from one of the Senate’s former top supporters of Saudi Arabia. But what Lindsay Graham has not said is that the other Crown Prince who has been in bed with and the handler and enabler of MBS, also has to go.

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What I wrote in 1996 about Saudi Arabia!

16 10 2018

The American Base in Arabia known as “Saudi”

Mark Bruzonsky in Washington. 8 July, 1996

“Saudi” Arabia is more and more a U.S. military base in the Middle East, in addition to its role of oil cow and petrodollar recycler. Those who benefit are primarily Americans, Royal Saudis, and those willing to get in bed with the two. Those who suffer are the people of Saudi Arabia who live in a police-state and whose standard of living, amazingly, has not only fallen dramatically in recent years but is now less than that of the Israelis. The mismanagement of “Saudi” Arabia by the Saud family is a tale of curruption and deceit of epoch proportions.

These simple realities are rarely commented upon in the American and Western press. A few years ago, when one well-known investigative journalist, Scott Armstrong, attempted to report the long road to turning Saudi Arabia into a huge American military facility major news outlets — including THE WASHINGTON POST he had previously published with — refused. His article instead appeared on the cover of MOTHER JONES where few to this day are aware of its importance.

“A DECADE OF DECEPTION” MOTHER JONES titled the cover article in November 1991 with a huge all-cover headline: “The $200 Billion Secret: Three presidents and two kings — out of view of the Congress, the press, and the public — created a covert network of superbases in Saudi Arabia. Last January, Bush decided to use it.”

The bombing earlier this week in Arabia is one is a chain of consequences and counter-reactions brought about in the region — from Algeria in the West to Pakistan in the East — by the imperialist policies of the United States and its major regional ally, Israel.

Moreover, another largely unknown story is how the Saudis and the Israelis, especially their lobbies in Washington, more than a decade ago began working together and now closely coordinate their affairs — all behind the scenes of course. Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar launched this policy in the early 80s when he first made contact with the Israeli lobby, and then actually became close friends with a number of key persons including Martin Indyke (now the U.S. Ambassador in Israel). And at least since the Gulf War Bandar has worked very closely with the Israelis hoping to have their help in propping up (and maybe one day saving if necessary) the despotic family regime he was born into as the son of a slave mother.

It should also be remembered, of course, that the Saudis have bought up major press sources and control in one way or another various organizations. Paul Findley’s CNI, a laughable “lobby” that has fortunately been a total failure (except for terribly misleading many good people and turning their money into waste products), was nevertheless started by royal Saudi money in the neighborhood of a million dollars. For English-speaking intellectuals and Mid-East experts, the Saudis and Kuwaitis have always been the main force behind MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL in London. And for those in the U.S., including a lot of misguided activists, the Saudis and friends have always been the hands pulling the strings of THE WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS and the former State Department Arabists who have spent their lives doing what they are told and paid to do.

Of course this all goes back to the American take-over of the Middle East after World War II; and the famous high-seas meeting of President Rosevelt with Ibn Saud. And there’s much more to be said about this American-Saudi connection; Prince Bandar’s duplicity in Washington; Saudi control of the media and sprinking of money and rewards to a variety of Mid-East personalities — but few places to get the information in print or on TV where it counts. The following article by David Hirst, from THE GUARDIAN in London, offers some useful perspective on the current bombing.

Mark Bruzonsky in Washington


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Damnable American CoverUp!

16 10 2018

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The Americans are leading in this DAMNABLE COVERUP.

Not a word in public from the perpetrators, MBS directly, and Kushner indirectly for encouraging such things inside “The Kingdom” and empowering MBS in all the horrendous things he has been doing in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and beyond.  Not to mention how Kushner has led the plan to drain Saudi funds to purchase vast quantities of Americans arms, in alliance with his Israel of course, to pre-position the weapons for the horrendous regional war ahead against Syria/Iran/Lebanon and to cower, or defeat, the Russians if need be.

What a laugh the “investigation”!  After weeks of total denial and frantic cleaning, including another major round the very morning of the “investigation”, it took place yesterday.

At the same time, after frantic efforts to come up with some kind of story however ridiculous, Trump himself very publicly dropped the absurd notion it was “Rogue Killers”, just as Pompeo ran full speed to Riyadh.   There they used the King as a prop to deny he knew anything about it.  One probable truth in all this deception.   The King is frail and fading and may in fact not have known about the plan to do in Khashoggi.  How come MBS, who everyone knows is in charge, didn’t come out before the cameras with Pompeo?

The Saudis are terrible news enough, to say the least!   To see the Trumpees taking the lead in this DAMNABLE COVERUP is despicable.  Journalists, academic experts, and the Congress should hold them too to account!

Saudi Arabia – NO GO ZONE

15 10 2018

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Khashoggi may be the tipping point.   But actually what happened to him fits the pattern.  There are many Saudis including Royals living in fear of abduction or death in exile.   And back home there are many who have disappeared, in prison, being tortured, or already killed.  For many stories about this situation check out on 13 October and since (use the calendar in center area to go back to any date.)

Next week is a major international economic conference, the pride of MBS, his second Davos in the Desert.  Many leading publications have pulled out, along with a growing number of noteable business and financial execs.  But as of now the American Treasury Secretary along with other other senior Trumpees plus business/financial leaders are still planning to go or listed as coming.

Whoever does go now needs to be shamed with their continuing support for a mafia-like regime repressing and killing beyond all bounds;  on top of the genocidal destruction of Yemen…and so much more.

Saudi Arabia should now be a NO GO ZONE.   Plus it should be immediately a no-sale-of-offensive-arms zone.

And furthermore, if it is true that Khashoggi went to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, maybe meeting with the Ambassador, and was told that to get the personal papers he needed he had to get them from the Consulate in Turkey — clearly setting the stage for what they planned for him — Washington should now be a No Go Zone for the Saudi Ambassador, the brother of MBS, as well!

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