Kick Abbas Out!

18 01 2018

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Abbas has been a disaster for the Palestinian people!  It was he who actually signed the Oslo Accords.  It was he who oversaw the PA becoming a contractor occupier for the Israelis and Americans.  More than anyone else it was he who made possible the Israeli implementation of worse than Apartheid realities,  “the Wall”, the vastly increased settlement, and the escalating imprisonment restrictions in Jerusalem and Gaza and beyond.

His speech last weekend hardly excuses that he and his VIP comrades are at the very least co-complicitous for what has happened.  Yet he took no responsibility for all the terrible historical mistakes he has made.

Abbas and his VIP underlings should be kicked out of power and the PA either taken over by independent nationalist corruption-free Palestinians or totally disbanded with authority for Palestinian affairs returning to the PLO in exile and not under occupation.

Better yet, though they should be kicked out of authority they should be forced to remain in Palestine, to turn over their passports and foreign bank accounts, and held accountable for what they have done and all the enrichments they have accumulated in the past 25 years.



SNL about Israel and Congress

17 01 2018

Some years ago when Obama wanted Republican Senator Hagel to be Secretary of Defense, SNL prepared this damning skit….but it was pulled and not broadcast.

Abbas is Dead

16 01 2018

Mahmoud Abbas slams Trump over 'slap of the century'

If Mahmoud Abbas, keeps to his recent damning words about the US, Israel and “the peace process”, he’s gone or dead.   That’s what Arafat actually did after 2000.  After isolating him and bombing his compound in Ramallah, it took the Israelis a few years to get the U.S. ok for his “stealth assassination” — it was then done by Sharon with Bush/Cheney concurrence in 2004.  Abbas is well-aware of this reality, he and his top aides were in fact otdered to be complicitous in the cover up for which they were well-rewarded both politically and financially.

The U.S. and Israel will first try to once again use Abbas and get him to continue doing what they want regardless of the speeches he gives his own now demoralized and destitute people.  He’s been playing this game with the US/Israel/Arab regimes for more than 30 years; and actually he’s old and frail enough now that he might just pass on.  But they already have plans to replace him with another, perhaps Mohammad Dahlan, whom the CIA, Mossad, and UAE/Saudis have been training and preparing for the job for quite some time.


“Shithole” DC Trump Hotel last night

14 01 2018

'S---hole' projected onto Trump hotel

From THE HILL NEWSPAPER:    The word “shithole” was projected onto President Trump’s D.C. hotel Saturday.  Video shows the word, along with the “poop” emoji, being projected onto the property.

“Pay Trump bribes here” “emoluments welcome,” and “we are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy” were also projected onto the building.Trump has faced intense backlash for calling Haiti, El Salvador and African nations “shithole countries” during an Oval Office meeting on immigration this week.

Watch the Video!

TRUMP coming apart

12 01 2018

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Trump seems to be coming apart more and more.   All this yesterday:

  • Wants no more immigration from “Shithole Countries” like Haiti and Africa.
  • Says “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong In” who he has repeatedly called a madman and whose country he has repeatedly threatened to totally obliterate.
  • Did not know what the FISA court is and threw Congress into a tizzy forcing Speaker Ryan to have to spend a half hour on the phone explaining things to him.
  • Keeps demanding Congress pay for “the Wall”  though repeatedly he has declared Mexico would pay for it.
  • Declares “In November we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets” to Norway.   But the “F-52” is a fictional jet only existing for gamers of “Call of Duty”.
  • Declares top FBI agent who opposed him is a traitor.  “This is the FBI we’re talking about — that is treason.”
  • Says nothing about “bread and freedom” demonstrations and government repression in Tunisia after loudly applauding Iranian demonstrators and condemning Iranian government.
  • Plus of course more of his daily mantra “No Collusion…No Collusion…NO COLLUSION!”

US-Israel-Saudi Alliance

10 01 2018


US-Israel-Saudi Alliance to control the Middle East

I’ve been pointing this US-Israel-Saudi plus Egypt & Jordan alliance out for some time in both words and pictures.    But when it comes to establishment newspapers it’s news this week because the Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung featured a story explicitly stating that:

“There exists a ‘secret alliance’ between Saudi Arabia and Israel, intended to restrain Iran’s expansion in the region, despite the absence of any official relations between the two countries.   There is an intensive secret cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel in order to achieve the main goal of curbing Iran’s expansion project and undermining its regional ambitions… There exists indeed military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Tel Aviv.”

Everyone Around Him Agrees 100%

6 01 2018

The author of the mega book hit about Trump’s first year says emphatically that 100% of the people around Trump think he acts like a child!    A nasty, bigoted, self-indulgent, ill, dangerous child!