No War Declaration in Libya and Syria

25 08 2016

There’s been no declaration of war, not even a debate about the new wars in Congress, and yet U.S. war planes, attack helicopters, drones, CIA operatives, and “special forces” are fighting in both Libya and Syria. A US Marine Corps AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopter  And what we don’t know is surely far more and far worse than we do!   So much for “democracy”, the Constitution, and the Obama/Clinton Presidency.

Clinton’s Zionist Money Scam

24 08 2016

Hillary and Bill, as well as Obama, have been playing this liberal Zionist big money scam for quite a long time.   They all publicly claim to be for the “Two-State Solution” and “Peace in the Middle East”.  Bill keeps touting that historic picture of him together with Arafat and Rabin on the White House lawn.  Barack  spent years championing an end to Israeli settlements and a state for the Palestinians — with increasingly meaningless rhetoric not action.   Hillary as Sec State along with Kerry her successor has played the game over and over again, explaining why in fact despite all the leverage the Americans could have, things have gotten worse and worse for the Palestinians with each passing year.

Hillary, Bill, and Barack all play this game because their liberal Zionist super benefactors want them to.   Haim Saban — the mega billionaire Israel-first guy is in fact at the top of the list when it comes to giving the Clintons money and he knows very well what he is buying.  There are so many other Jewish Zionist money machines including the super hypocritical  J-Street and Americans for Peace Now crowd, and the wealthy Jews involved with them from Spielbergs to Saltzmans, Pritzkers, Klutznicks, Kovlers and a long list of others.

In many cases trying to deal with their own moral contradictions all of these super-wealthy Jewish Zionist funders keep insisting in public that the “Two-State Solution” must come to be.   But that’s just the smoke-screen.   Far more importantly they keep insisting that more and more billions and super-weapons  must keep flowing to Israel, the BDS movement must be delegitimized, and Israel must be politically protected at the U.N.and all international forums with American threats and vetos.

It is a “Pay to Play” game, actually Trump is right about that.  And The Donald does in fact know a great deal about how “Pay to Play” works.

As a result Bill Clinton actually helped destroy the possibility of a real “Two-State Solution” ever coming to be, Barack Obama has sent more billions and weapons to Israel than any President before him, and Hillary Clinton is totally owned by Saban and the liberal Zionist fat cats  when it comes to Israel.

Actually it’s not only’s the entire U.S. Middle East policy which is so very much influenced if not determined by the “Israeli Lobby”…a collection of many organizations, think-tanks, hyper money personalities, and publications.    With their mega bucks and constant threats it is this “lobby” which has kept the Clintons, and Obama as well, not only in line, but doing their work for them.

Lebanese Woman Tells Us All Where to Get Off!

23 08 2016

Marwa Osman is a very bright, passionate, articulate, woman in Lebanon.   Actually, she’s quite an amazing woman and I say that just from seeing her a few times on international TV!   No doubt she’s been getting lots of shit on Facebook and that explains why she lashed out with the following:

I will talk about this once for the non Middle Eastern people on my friend list and no discussion over the matter is welcomed..after this deleting smart pants people from all social media will begin.

1. If you support any US or NATO aggression against ANY country ANYWHERE on the planet you need psychiatric help and need to get the hell out of my timeline.

2. If you rant about the Syrian crisis saying any bad s*** about the Syrian Arab Army you need to get a grip of your ignorance and need to get the hell out of my timeline.

3. If you as much as THINK TO YOURSELF that HEZBOLLAH is a terrorist organization get the HELL out of my timeline.

4. If you believe for a femtosecond that Israel is an actual state and NOT an aparthied entity with collonial settlers labelled as Israelis who STOLE PALESTINE and rendered the entire ME chaotic. Then you better not show me your face after getting the HELL out of my timeline because I will smack you on sight.

5. If you still are clueless as to what is Isis and you still claim it is of Islam then my darling you are just stupid..i will delete you myself don’t sweat it.

6. Any private message with a stupid reflection concerning how “we middle easterns” are to be blamed for our own atrocities and how we are ruled by dictators who were actually appointed by YOUR GOVERNMENTS TO BEGIN WITH will be first publicized and then humiliated.

Thank you and good night.

SYRIA: Media Propaganda Scandal!

22 08 2016



This commentary from the woman known as SYRIAN GIRL whose online and TV presence for some years now has been quite powerful.   I can’t verify what she says but she is known to be well-connected.

SCANDAL: The photograph of the Syrian boy whose face the media spread everywhere was taken by the same man who beheaded the other Syrian boy!!! Its interesting how the mainstream media treated the two boys, One got dusty, the other got his head slowly sliced off with a blunt knife by US supported FSA rebels. Who do you think got sympathy and exposure? In fact the BBC even cropped out the face of the boy who was beheaded in the image they used for the article which provided justifications for his beheading. The media said the dusty boy was a symbol of the ‘Syrian regimes’ crimes against the Syrian people, I guess that makes the beheaded boy a symbol of the US regimes crimes against the Syrian people.

Mimi Al Laham's photo.
Mimi Al Laham's photo.


Israel behind Syria War says Nasrallah

21 08 2016

Without Israeli plotting and pushing and lobbying the Syrian War would not have taken place in the first place and would not have escalated and continued.

It’s quite a geopolitical even historic interview in which Nasrallah quite rationally explains what the Israelis have been trying, and failing so far, to achieve, and why they are the main force behind the Syrian war to take down the Baath regime in Damascus.  Article about and key quotes from the interview at top of MiddleEast.Org today.

True of course there are other factors including the Saudis, the Zionist Neocons and Evangelicals in the U.S., and the overall military-industrial complex.   But without Israeli plotting and pushing and lobbying the Syrian War would not have taken place in the first place and would not have escalated and continued as it has.

Obama Keeps on Bumbling

20 08 2016

He’s finishing his Presidency and he still hasn’t learned basic lessons!    By at first himself personally totally denying the $400 million payment had anything to do with the  captive Americans in Iran, and then by twisting his own at best incomplete
story so that a “ransom” debate ensued, Obama once again stepped into the
muck and got himself dirty.

Had he been smart Obama could have told Secretary of State Kerry to simply tell the truth
and clearly say: 

A settlement was reached with the Iranians for funds owed them a long time and subject to
international court proceedings where they were likely to prevail for even more money.  Even so, we insisted on not beginning the payments that will overall total about $1.7 billion until the Americans being detained in Iran were released. 

And then Kerry could have added:

We’re proud of how we handled this and other negotiations with the Iranians and it was critical to us that we were able to get our citizens released and back home.  For diplomatic reasons we thought it best to not publicly applaud ourselves until now when we do so because others have been deceiving about what actually happened and trying to exploit with crass partisan political motives that about such matters we completely reject.

Drudge, Breitbart, Infowars hype TRUMP!

19 08 2016

Drudge as well as Breitbart and Infowars have been hyping Trump for months; and doing quite a good job of it!   He could not have done it without them!   Together they are having a tremendous impact.   Below is what is featured at the top of DrudgeReport today:

'I will never lie to you'...

I Regret Causing Personal Pain...
'I will be champion of the people'...
Challenges old truths in media...
Manafort steps aside...
Ads for Presidential Race Drop 60%, Hurting Local Broadcasters...
Trump Force One touching down in Baton Rouge...



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