Top American Scholar denounces demonization of Putin/Russia

4 10 2015

“Pesky Hillary Clinton compared Putin with Adolf Hitler and labeled him as a person without a soul. Obama called him a bully who is permanently looking for trouble. Never in my life before have I experienced that any other Russian statesman had been vilified like Putin. Not even in the darkest times of the Cold War. This is very dangerous.”

I’ve been quite fortunate in my life.  Not only was Professor Richard Falk my teacher and mentor at Princeton, Also at Princeton the Woodrow Wilson School made an exception and let me take an additional history course on Russia and Marxism with Professor Stephen Cohen who today deserves great thanks and admiration for how he is speaking out now at this critical and increasingly dangerous moment in history.     As always the complete article is linked to at MiddleEast.Org and


1 10 2015

“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared before world leaders Wednesday that he is no longer bound by agreements signed with Israel and called on the United Nations to provide international protection for Palestinians.”

So declared Mahmoud Abbas speaking from the U.N. podium just days after neither the American or Russian Presidents even bothered to mention Palestine in their speeches to the world.   In a cruel historical joke Abbas oversaw the raising of a Palestinian flag at the U.N. making mockery of the very terms “Statehood”, “independence”, and “sovereignty”.

Let’s make something very clear — Mahmoud Abbas has been a terrible disaster for the Palestinian people and should have been gone a long time ago!   The only reason he has stayed is because he has been useful to U.S., Israel, and Europeans, who have armed and financed and protected him all these years!

First of all Abbas is not President of anything.   There is no Palestinian State and the “Palestinian Authority” is a quisling horribly co-opted disaster.   Beyond that his “term” ended more than five years ago and he hasn’t even called a false election fearing that even though he controls all the money and who would vote he still would not win!

Second Abbas is the man more than any other for the disastrous “Oslo Peace Process” that has so fragmented Palestine everywhere and who are today more under Israeli control than ever!    In fact it was he at the White House in September 1993 who actually signed the agreement with the Israelis that ended any hope of a real Palestinian State.  He was warned at the time by no less personalities than Edward Said and PLO negotiating Chairman Haider Abdul Shafi, both of whom totally broke with Abbas way back then refusing to even attend the White House ceremony.

Abbas and his VIP Palestinians, most especially super collaborator Saeb Erekat, should be forced to go one way or another.  This is very very long overdue!  Moreover what they have done has to be undone!  Oh yes, when they are forced to flee their bank accounts should be frozen and it would be fitting indeed if they ended up in refugee camps which truly do represent the Palestinian people!


30 09 2015

What’s wrong with you Bashar al-Assad?  This is your moment!   Defy the Americans and those who long ago thought you could be easily overthrown — the Saudis at the top of that list.   Come to the U.N. and make the speech of your life!

Get in front of the world from the same lecturn where Obama and Putin and Xi and so many other world leaders have already spoken on this 70th anniversary.   At this time in history you will get more attention than anyone else as they have already set the stage for you!   Hey, and bring your wife cultured and sophisticated wife Asma!

As for the speech of your life…start with Sykes-Picot and Lawrence, then the French invasion, then what the Brits did in Palestine…all of which is the backdrop to what is still happening to you Arabs.   Do that first before you even get to “modern times” and the Israelis, the falsities of 9/11, the millions killed and countries destroyed by the U.S. and its partners from Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya, from Yemen to Sudan and Lebanon and Palestine.  And that’s all of course before you get to why you and your country have been so targeted by the same Western powers and their main regional allies.

You better come this year Bashar!   No telling what the years ahead hold if you don’t find your political voice and your historical macho on the world stage beyond the barrel bombs and all the horrible killing and destruction at home.


29 09 2015

At the United Nations yesterday the body-language and rhetoric were anything but “United” as the leaders of Russia, China, and the U.S. all spoke to the world on the very same day.

With Russia and China now challenging U.S. hegemony in the Middle East as well as in their own regions, Obama, more CEO than Commander-in-Chief of the Americans, chose to threaten with this key sentence:

“I lead the strongest military the world has ever known!”

The new Cold War and the new high-tech land, sea, air, space and cyber Arms Race is escalating — all much more complicated and dangerous than ever before.  Many millions are already dead in this already underway World War III, many countries already destroyed, many war profiteers already profusely enriched.

On the world stage Obama has been a terrible failure both for those who so mistakenly gave him the Nobel Peace Prize as well as for those who are American imperialists, which includes so many in his own party.   The wars Obama was elected to end rage on — Iraq and Afghanistan.   Moreover Obama’s refusal (or inability) to make a basic shift in the American militarist role in the world has helped bring about a far more incendiary and revolution Middle East and international geo-political environment.   From Syria to Yemen, from Ukraine to the South China Sea, from escalating repression and revolution tensions in key American allies Egypt and Saudi Arabia, from Israel where he helped bury rather than give birth to the “Two-State Solution”, Obama has screwed up more than was imaginable just a few years ago.

What a precarious world Obama will soon be passing on to a successor — whether Republican or Democrat, whether man or woman, whether conservative or liberal Neocon.


28 09 2015

“The ecological crisis, and the large-scale destruction of biodiversity, can threaten the very existence of the human species.”

Image result for caricature global warming  Pope Francis speaking to the world at the United Nations.


27 09 2015

They were all here in Washington center-stage last week.  MOTHER JONES Magazine has sensationalized to get attention.  And when it come to the two Presidents, Obama and XI, the exaggeration is evident.  BUY even so, the lead sentence in the Mother Jones feature article is worth emphasizing:  Something big and strange is happening in the United States this week. Three wildly different world leaders with divergent personalities, agendas, and backgrounds will be in the same country at the same time, fighting for the same thing—solutions for climate change.   

The Pope though should get the major emphasis and credit.  His climate change encyclical  earlier this year was inspiring and ground-breaking.  He summed up his concerns and warnings at the U.N. Friday when he said to the world:  “The ecological crisis, and the large-scale destruction of biodiversity, can threaten the very existence of the human species. The baneful consequences of an irresponsible mismanagement of the global economy, guided only by ambition for wealth and power, must serve as a summons to a forthright reflection on man.”

The full article from MOTHER JONES is today featured at the top of WASHREPORT.COM

THE POPE and the 9/11 MYTH

26 09 2015

Francis is indeed a very special Pope.  Rocked by scandals and defections the Catholic church understood it needed a new charismatic “liberal” figurehead, so they chose for the first time a humble Jesuit from the Americas.   The Pope’s visit to the USA and the UN, after Cuba, was just the thing Catholism needed as it attempts to atone and rejuvenate.  But though he did nearly everything right on this trip there was one big huge mistake — allowing the Americans to manipulate him into endorsing 9/11, allowing the major “multi-religious ceremony” to be held in the context of what is in reality an elaborate historical hoax.

But then the Pople and the Catholics are no strangers to the power of myths, after all their religion is founded on Mary being a Virgin, Jesus being the Son of God, Holy Ghosts and Exorcisms.    For the Americans what is in reality a modern-day myth has taken on a kind of secular religious zealotry.  And like so much done in the name of religion over the centuries they have killed so many and caused so much pain and destruction in the name of their 9/11 myth.


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