Internet Take-Down: Trial Run or Warning?

22 10 2016

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Not long ago the plot on a very popular American TV drama was of a cyber hack of Air Force One that almost brought it down.  The Americans blamed the Russians.  So they took out the electricity grid in all of Moscow.  Then they found out they had wrongly targeted the Russians; but instead of confessing and atoning they instead blackmailed the Russian President into accepting what had happened.

Hmmmm….   Now in recent weeks we have Wikileaks quite seriously exposing and disrupting the Dem Party and Hillary…after all it had done before.  This time the Americans for real are blaming Russia while desperately attempting to imprison Wilileak founder Julian Assange plus also going after whistleblowers as never before.   Even a 4-Star top General who talked to a NYTime reporter thinking he was doing his job covering things up is being jailed since what he did inadvertently exposed the secret American/Israeli cyber weapon known as  stuxnet.  Near panic, the Americans want everyone everywhere, friend and foe, to be afraid and clam up!

Earlier this month both VP Biden and Sec State Kerry quite publicly threatened to cyber attack Putin personally as well as Russia.  Within days Assange in London was accused of being a Russian agent, his internet was cut off, and strange things have begun to happen throughout cyberspace…no doubt most of which we don’t yet know anything about.

Hmmmmm…  Could it be that with yesterday’s big nation-wide day-long partial internet rolling outage that the Russians are telegraphing that they can fight back.    Maybe it’s a test run, maybe a counter-threat, maybe jnust a small demonstration of capabilities?   Or maybe like in the TV drama false fingers point to the Russians when it’s really some other country or even a rogue operation of some kind trying to create havoc and wanting the Americans and Russians to be focused on each other when it’s really others testing and preparing.

The new era of Cyber Warfare is now part of the age of the Internet and Globalization.

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