Smiles in Moscow and Beijing

14 12 2019

As the Americans continue to fracture their polity, discredit their institutions, pursue their imperialist policies with less and less coherency and resolve, and undermine their status not only worldwide but among themselves, the smiles are in Beijing and Moscow.

Despite their own significant problems the other two  lesser superpowers are not only gaining on the Americans, they are cooperating more than ever to end the U.S. domination of world affairs as well as threatening the supremacy of the dollar.   A multi-polar world is emerging despite increasingly failing and expensive U.S. to maintain control.

Whether the end result will be a non-American-centric New World Order or an international conflagration of gigantic cataclysmic proportions, along with climate breakdown which the Americans alone continue to deny, are the central challenges to humanity as 2020 approaches.