SAUDI LOBBY in Washington – NCUSAR

28 02 2014

Unlike the Israelis the Saudis have no powerful grassroots lobby.  They do however have a considerable lobby made up of military-industrial corporations, high-priced behind-the-scenes agents, and for the general public a kind of rag-tag team of p.r. guys masquerading as think-tanks and academics as well as publications and journalists.

Many  of these are hired guns, a few are true-believers and die-hard Arabists who long-ago allowed personally beneficial self-deception to substitute for independent thought and principles. This little highly inbred group in Washington has very little following outside their own circles, but like the Wizard of Oz they continually keep projecting their voices in order to claim influence and receive their yearly allowances.

The incestuous groups include The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Council for the National Interest and associated IRmep, If Americans Knew, and something called the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations (NCUSAR).

This later group is headed up by a former academic who when denied tenure years ago at SAIS realized there was much money and glory in becoming a professional p.r. flack for the Saudis, and in more recent years for the Saudi-created Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Here for example are a few choice paragraphs from John Duke Anthony’s most recent faux-academic article in advance of President Obama’s upcoming visit to Riyadh (self-published and widely distributed by his own organization):

“On the negative side, many chafe at the continued unwillingness of the United States, in concert with Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, to do whatever is necessary to bring down the Syrian regime. Only thus, many contend, could Iran’s ability to foment and sustain the civil strife in Iraq and the domestic dissension in Bahrain, other GCC countries, and beyond be weakened.”

“But in Arabia and the Gulf, the narrative of an America suspected of intending to pivot from the world’s most vital region to one of considerably less importance is cause for concern from one end of the GCC region to the other. The very idea that the GCC countries’ paramount protector for the past four decades might possibly divert its focus strikes many in the GCC region as incredulous, particularly in light of the fact that for the past 27 years the US has sent tens of thousands of armed forces to Arabia in support of regional security, defense, and stability but not once to Asia.”


BOYCOTT both Israel and Israeli/Jewish Lobby

27 02 2014

East and West Ukraine – Russia has Vital Interests and History too!

26 02 2014

With the break-up of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold cold war, President Gorbachev thought he had a deal with the U.S. and the West to restrain themselves!  But that wasn’t to be.  Instead the Western countries pushed into Eastern Europe and former Soviet-bloc areas and rather than suspending expanded the role of NATO and the EU…continually encroaching on Russian interests and connected areas.   Then the US using NATO pushed military forces and missiles eastward toward the borders of the new Russian Federation.

The Americans have their Monroe Doctrine as well as Manifest Destiny.   Now the “New Russia” is reasserting itself and understandably so.  Ukraine is even more critical for Russia than Syria, far more so in fact.

Just a few years ago the US and EU were pushing hard for the breakup of Sudan.  South Sudan was born as a result and is today in such agony.   Now the US and EU are insisting Ukraine, unlike Sudan, cannot break up and Russia must not assert it’s critical interests right in its own backyard.    Worse yet the US and EU have been pursuing policies, both overt and clandestine, to rip Ukraine away from Russia’s sphere of influence and push it into their own, further encircling Iran at the same time as further weakening, potentially in fact crippling, Russia in the critical Black Sea and Mediterranean areas.

As a result of US and EU policies, the likely result is now going to be a divide into East and West Ukraine.  And in this case, even if Russia should use troops and other means in East Ukraine it will have ample justification…despite all the screaming and threatening that can be expected from the West, especially the neocon supremacists.


25 02 2014

F**king FRACKING! Gross injustice and Endangerment

24 02 2014


The Fracking method for extracting oil and gas is making tons of money for the big vulture corporations while causing serious as-yet-uncertain long-term environmental problems and dangers.  We will all end up paying the price for this further desolation of mother earth…but that’s down the road along with global warming consequences, and thus the corporate execs don’t care!  By then they and their friends will have cashed in and unless the laws are changed be beyond reach.

The corporations are spending a fortune promoting the virtues of fracking and buying up politicians who will safeguard it.   Yet when it comes to their own personal fortunes the CEO of ExxonMoile, Rex Tillerson, now has a lawsuit pending where he cites fracking’s negative consequences in order to block  construction near his $5 million home!

Once again we are witness to gross unjust enrichment and endangerment at the hands of super corporations and their bribery intersection with the political class and big media.  It’s time to force them to cease and desist, as well as pay up!

It’s Israeli Apartheid Week 2014

23 02 2014

This week around the world it’s the Tenth now annual ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK.


22 02 2014

US v China: is this the new cold war?

Such were the headlines yesterday on the popular right-wing Drudge Report…

Syria, Ukraine, Tibet, Iran, Korea…Asia Pivot, Arms Race, Cyber Warfare, NSA/CIA…it’s a new world now of undeclared COLD WARS even while international trade and economic globilization remain vibrant.

The long-term result of American invasions, drone warfare, global spying, and American military bases throughout the world, is a determination by others — most especially Russia and China — to build up their own military forces to deter and eventually check the Americans.

We’re now on a slippery slope to future conflicts…proxy for sure, maybe more direct in the years ahead…especially if there should be an even greater economic crisis.