14 09 2016

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Yesterday Obama compared Putin to Saddam (and surely he remembers what the Americans did to him and his country).  Then Obama chastised Trump for appearing on Russian TV (actually Trump went on long-time American Larry King’s show as has everyone).  And then Obama claimed that Trump “loves the guy” (i.e. Putin)…which is not at all what Trump has said.

In fact what Trump has said, is in this case, is more correct than any of the things Obama said yesterday.   Putin has been a much more effective leader of his country in his system than has Obama of the U.S.; and Putin is much more respected and approved of in his country than is Obama here in America.

True, Putin’s domestic policies have been extremely repressive and most unfortunate. But true as well that Putin is pursuing these policies precisely because he knows the Americans are out to get him, want desperately to bring him down using NGOs as well as media as well as CIA, and are determined if they can to do to him in Russia (and Assad in Syria as well) what they did to Saddam in Iraq, Qaddafi in Libya, Yanukovich in Ukraine (and a long list of other lesser knowns)

True as well Trump remains a uniquely frightening psychopathic narcissist; and so many around him and supporting him are the most hawkish and irritable and dangerous among us.

But these truths do not change the dangers and distortions and lies coming from Obama/Clinton.   And true as well it really is so nauseating that we are all being forced by fear of Trump into giving Obama/Clinton/Clinton Term 3…or hmmmm it’s really Term 5 isn’t it….abusing and misruling over us.